A Pocket Guide for VR-gins by Mitch Turnbull

30 July 2017

In Mitch Turnbull’s opinion, there are currently no experts in VR… only experimenters ..all  on a very exciting journey of exploration and learning. And one of the biggest challenges is understanding the language of VR storytelling. Although VR has been around for over a decade, it’s only existed in its current iteration in the last 5 years. And because 5 years is really not a long time to hone the art and craft of creating compelling stories in a new medium, storytelling in VR is still very much in its infancy. 

Mitch’s talk to NHN members at our July networking morning was based on her own experience over the past 4 years, working in development and production of VR content.   

Here's what she said ...


Behind the Scenes; How museums commission content.

28 July 2017

The opportunity to glimpse the world from a different perspective is always illuminating – particularly when that new perspective offers us the opportunity to understand potential new clients and audiences  And so we were delighted to welcome recently joined NHN member and freelance museum executive Lizzy Moriarty as one of our two presenters at July’s Networking Morning.

As a museum executive with strong ties with the Natural History Museum, Lizzy was able to give us an insight into the way Museums commission and use film content in their exhibitions.


BBC study: VR must take audiences on a journey

27 July 2017

Virtual reality must capitalise on its unique possibilities and take audiences on a journey if it is to take off, according to an extensive 14-week study by the BBC and research firm Ipsos Connect.

A mixture of teens and adults, who had an interest in VR but little experience of it, were given VR equipment for the long-term research programme to discover what part the emerging medium could play in consumers’ lives.

In a blog post setting out the findings, BBC Audiences senior market analyst Tim Fiennes said the results revealed how VR can add to traditional storytelling.


The rise of UKTV

30 June 2017

Following the presentation at NHN by Humblebee's Stephen Dunleavy, we wanted to find out more about UKTV,  the commissioner of their long running series Natural Curiosities.  Below is an article that was published  recently in the Telegraph.

 "Some of the big guys out there are really struggling,” says Darren Childs, the chief executive of UKTV, the company behind Dave, Gold and a clutch of other channels that now account for nearly a tenth of commercial viewing in the UK.

But if he is gloating he hides it. “They come from a much higher point and it’s sometimes easier to be the challenger than the incumbent,” he adds.

Childs does seem most comfortable as the insurgent. Earlier in his career he worked at Star TV in Hong Kong with James Murdoch and Murdoch’s future stepmother Wendi Deng. He also remembers a stint setting up the first pay-TV services in India.


VR: Doc/Fest puts focus on activism

12 June 2017

This year’s crop of virtual and augmented reality experiences at Sheffield Doc/Fest is an impressive showcase of works that push the boundaries of the fledgling medium.

Housed in the Alternate Realities programme, the selection ranges from stories of sex workers in Mexico, to indiginous tribes in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, and journalists imprisoned in Iran.

For Dan Tucker, who is presenting his first selection as Doc/Fest’s Alternate Realities curator having joined the festival in January, this year’s programme is about inspiring positive change.


Exciting Times for the BBC NHU ; Julian Hector addresses our members

25 May 2017

In the week that BBC NHU hit the national headlines for their double BAFTA win for Planet Earth 2, Unit Head Julian Hector, and Head of NHU Business Oliver Thompson returned to NHN with a spring in their step!


In his presentation, Julian spoke of the impact of Planet Earth II and reasons for the series’ success, sharing audience figure analysis and performance drill downs with our members.  He also touched on the three main bastions of NHU output; landmarks, live and children’s, and highlighted the important potential of digital.


The BBC has made us a nation of nature lovers

21 April 2017

The BBC has turned us into a nation of naturalists and nature lovers

Series like the BBC's Springwatch have been key to transforming Britain, say the men behind Radio 4's Tweet of the Day


By Brett Westwood and Stephen Moss. Radio Times

Wednesday 19 April 2017 at 9:00AM

Go for a walk almost anywhere in Britain, from a city-centre park to a remote offshore island, and the chances are that you’ll come across a naturalist or, as they may prefer to be called, birder, botaniser, wildlife-watcher, nature-addict.


The secrets of success; filming in China with Steven Ballantyne

13 April 2017

Ahead of Disneynature's USA release of  'Born in China' on 21 April 2017, field producer and logistics expert Steven Ballantyne of EPM Asia shares some of his hard earned knowledge.


David Attenborough shares the secrets of Giant Armadillos

30 March 2017

A new Maramedia film lets David Attenborough share the secrets of an animal he’s waited 60 years to see in the wild !

Diary date:               9pm, Friday 7 April 2017

Network premiere HOTEL ARMADILLO, BBC2

Footage shot in Brazil by a UK film crew is helping to unlock the secrets of one of the world’s least studied mammals – the giant armadillo – and shedding fresh light on how the food and lodgings they provide underpin the biodiversity of Earth’s b


Behind the Scenes : Maramedia and Hotel Armadillo by Jackie Savery

30 March 2017

'Hotel Armadillo', narrated by David Attenborough is Maramedia's first commission for BBC's Natural World series. It will be broadcast on Friday 7th April 9pm BBC2.

Maramedia's Jackie Savery and Nigel Pope explain what it took to film this rare and illusive creature .

Maramedia were thrilled to secure their first BBC Natural World and PBS Nature commission. These the two foremost natural history strands in the world, and offer filmmakers one of the few remaining opportunities to make high quality single wildlife films that are critical in giving a voice to species and conservation.



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The opportunity to glimpse the world from a different perspective is always...

BBC study: VR must take audiences on a journey

Virtual reality must capitalise on its unique possibilities and take audiences on a...