Behind the Scenes. Wild Ireland with John Murray

15 March 2017

NHN caught up with John Murray, MD of the Irish award winning production company Crossing the Line( CTL) and PD  of  'Wild Ireland -The Edge of the World'  which launches on  Friday 17 March 9pm on BBC 2. 

John gave us a snapshot of what it took to make their latest two part series.

Keep reading...John's anecdote about the sex doll at the end of this article is worthy of the wildlife tabloids! 

(picture copyright Nick Massett)

Following the footsteps of their Jackson and Wildscreen winning film 'On a River in Ireland', Crossing the Line ( CTL) have produced what looks from the previews to be another corker!


Factual channels eye premium projects to fight digital disrupters

23 February 2017

 The challenges facing broadcasters and producers in the international factual world following this year’s supersized Realscreen event in Washington, DC.

There has been a major shift in the international factual world over the last 12 months as the key broadcasters – A+E Networks, Discovery and National Geographic – have begun to move away from factual entertainment and reality formats towards big-budget, auteur-driven documentaries.


USA Variety review of Planet Earth II - "a masterful work"

21 February 2017

Simply put, “Planet Earth” is the most important program of our generation. It makes writing about it almost beside the point; the program, whose second installment “Planet Earth II”  which debuted on BBC America this Saturday, is an exquisitely rendered documentary of the natural world.


It’s a uniquely dichotomous achievement, one that combines our expanding technologies and cinematic skills with the remote wildness of habitats without humans.


Snakes versus dragons: how we filmed this sequence for Planet Earth II

06 February 2017

Cameraman Richard Wollocombe reveals what it took to capture the stand-out sequence of Galapagos racer snakes hunting baby marine iguanas en masse. 

"The sequence was extraordinary to film for so many reasons. I had filmed snakes hunting Marine Iguana hatchlings before but never saw them hunting en mass before. I had prepared to shoot an ambush attack which is often the strategy the snakes use to catch their prey.


Possibilities are endless for VR wildlife documentaries

03 February 2017

Immersive technology will transform how we make natural history, says Erfan Saadati.

After Planet Earth II stole the ratings crown, talk turned to Planet Earth III. So when filming a caracal [an African wild cat] in 360 to create an immersive virtual reality experience for BBC Earth’s new partnership with Oculus, I started pondering what shape future iterations might take.

Planet Earth II’s immersive behind-the-scenes content gives a tantalising glimpse of what’s to come.


Behind the Scenes. John Downer's Spy in the Wild

30 January 2017

Having made Penguins: Spy In The Huddle and Dolphins: Spy In The Pod for BBC1, it was time to take things to a new level.

Spy In The Wild unleashes more than 30 ultra-realistic spy creatures across the world, taking the viewer right to the heart of animal behaviour and revealing emotions, intelligence, friendships and even bad behaviour just like our own.

Through their roving camera eyes, the aim is that viewers will never look at animals, or themselves, in the same way again.

Creating so many spy cameras was no mean feat, even for a company with decades of remote filming under its belt.

Never had we pushed the bar so high, and required such a vast number and variety of cameras, as on this series – none of which could be bought off the shelf or created by one person alone.


Behind the Scenes on Planet Earth II

30 January 2017

“Keeping natural history fresh is something that plagues my mind all the time,” admits BBC Natural History Unit creative director Mike Gunton as he reflects on the three years that have gone into the NHU’s latest BBC1 blockbuster.

A sequel to a landmark series from a decade ago would seem to pose a particular challenge, but that’s the task the NHU set itself with Planet Earth II.

The secret lies in its visual grammar: where the first series wowed with its majestic ‘God’s eye’ aerial shots of glaciers, deserts and forests, here it is all about immersing the viewer deep within these habitats.


Are Amazon and Netflix moving closer to traditional broadcasters?

29 January 2017

If the political world seems fraught and frightening at the moment, at least there has been some positive news from the industry’s biggest OTT players: Amazon and Netflix.

The former will have a meaningful UK commissioning presence on the ground, imminently, to supplement the work being done by film and TV strategy director Chris Bird, who was part of negotiations to secure The Grand Tour, and European managing director of video Alex Green.


The Eagle Huntress. Review

27 January 2017

Films that showcase different cultures from around the world are sorely lacking in our filmmaking landscape. Good thing we have films like “The Eagle Huntress.” Director Otto Bell, in his impressive debut, is a natural of the lens. Bell captures some breathtaking images while harnessing the simplicity and magic of his subjects. At 87 minutes, it’s a tight, sharp piece that relaxes into its rhythm, inviting the audience to dance. Soulful and angelic, it’s one of the most uplifting and spiritually rousing documentaries of the year.


The Eagle Huntress was shortlisted for an Oscar this year along with Terra Mater's The Ivory Game. 


“The Eagle Huntress” follows Aisholpan, a 13-year-old girl, as she trains to become the first female in twelve generations of her Kazakh family to become an eagle hunter.


Tigress's Duncan Chard reveals The Dales and The Moors

24 January 2017

Tigress Productions are on a roll.

With three shows TXing in February, the company will be very visible in the schedules both here and in the US next month ! 

 We caught up with SP Duncan Chard to talk about the making of  'The Dales and Moors; A Year in the Wild'  which airs on Channel 5 on the 14th February ( tbc). 


 Duncan Chard cherishes happy childhood memories of Dales and Moors.



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 The challenges facing broadcasters and producers in the international factual...

USA Variety review of Planet Earth II - "a masterful work"

Simply put, “Planet Earth” is the most important program of our...