The BBC has made us a nation of nature lovers

21 April 2017

The BBC has turned us into a nation of naturalists and nature lovers

Series like the BBC's Springwatch have been key to transforming Britain, say the men behind Radio 4's Tweet of the Day


By Brett Westwood and Stephen Moss. Radio Times

Wednesday 19 April 2017 at 9:00AM

Go for a walk almost anywhere in Britain, from a city-centre park to a remote offshore island, and the chances are that you’ll come across a naturalist or, as they may prefer to be called, birder, botaniser, wildlife-watcher, nature-addict.


The secrets of success; filming in China with Steven Ballantyne

13 April 2017

Ahead of Disneynature's USA release of  'Born in China' on 21 April 2017, field producer and logistics expert Steven Ballantyne of EPM Asia shares some of his hard earned knowledge.


David Attenborough shares the secrets of Giant Armadillos

30 March 2017

A new Maramedia film lets David Attenborough share the secrets of an animal he’s waited 60 years to see in the wild !

Diary date:               9pm, Friday 7 April 2017

Network premiere HOTEL ARMADILLO, BBC2

Footage shot in Brazil by a UK film crew is helping to unlock the secrets of one of the world’s least studied mammals – the giant armadillo – and shedding fresh light on how the food and lodgings they provide underpin the biodiversity of Earth’s b


Behind the Scenes : Maramedia and Hotel Armadillo by Jackie Savery

30 March 2017

'Hotel Armadillo', narrated by David Attenborough is Maramedia's first commission for BBC's Natural World series. It will be broadcast on Friday 7th April 9pm BBC2.

Maramedia's Jackie Savery and Nigel Pope explain what it took to film this rare and illusive creature .

Maramedia were thrilled to secure their first BBC Natural World and PBS Nature commission. These the two foremost natural history strands in the world, and offer filmmakers one of the few remaining opportunities to make high quality single wildlife films that are critical in giving a voice to species and conservation.


Watching our Shows is Good for Your Health!

28 March 2017

Introducing BBC EARTH's Real Happiness Project 

It's official! Watching nature programs will have a direct and uplifting impact on the mood and well-being of its viewers, according to a new study released by BBC Earth.


"The Real Happiness Project,” which aims to promote the benefits of connectivity with nature via linear and digital platforms, was conducted by BBC Worldwide’s in-house research team wit


Puerto Rico and The Natural World

27 March 2017

The Natural World strand goes from strength to strength. Despite its long history (originally called The World About Us, it’s been running for over 50 years and has over 500+ films to its name)  it never tires, maintaining its style with high production values and compelling stories. 

And now the 17/18 series has kicked off with a show that has a strong conservation angle and the critics loved it  " 'Puerto Rico, Island of Enchantment reminded you what a disservice it would be if the Attenborough-style approach got edged aside.  This was an altogether more improving hour — who knew that Puerto Rico was such an example to the planet for its conservationism?” wrote James Jackson in The Times


So what is it about The Natural World formula that makes it so special and so resilent? What sorts of ideas will get a commission ?  And will the series survive as the NHU transitions into the commercial world of BBC Studios? 


Behind the Scenes. Wild Ireland with John Murray

15 March 2017

NHN caught up with John Murray, MD of the Irish award winning production company Crossing the Line( CTL) and PD  of  'Wild Ireland -The Edge of the World'  which launches on  Friday 17 March 9pm on BBC 2. 

John gave us a snapshot of what it took to make their latest two part series.

Keep reading...John's anecdote about the sex doll at the end of this article is worthy of the wildlife tabloids! 

(picture copyright Nick Massett)

Following the footsteps of their Jackson and Wildscreen winning film 'On a River in Ireland', Crossing the Line ( CTL) have produced what looks from the previews to be another corker!


Factual channels eye premium projects to fight digital disrupters

23 February 2017

 The challenges facing broadcasters and producers in the international factual world following this year’s supersized Realscreen event in Washington, DC.

There has been a major shift in the international factual world over the last 12 months as the key broadcasters – A+E Networks, Discovery and National Geographic – have begun to move away from factual entertainment and reality formats towards big-budget, auteur-driven documentaries.


USA Variety review of Planet Earth II - "a masterful work"

21 February 2017

Simply put, “Planet Earth” is the most important program of our generation. It makes writing about it almost beside the point; the program, whose second installment “Planet Earth II”  which debuted on BBC America this Saturday, is an exquisitely rendered documentary of the natural world.


It’s a uniquely dichotomous achievement, one that combines our expanding technologies and cinematic skills with the remote wildness of habitats without humans.


Snakes versus dragons: how we filmed this sequence for Planet Earth II

06 February 2017

Cameraman Richard Wollocombe reveals what it took to capture the stand-out sequence of Galapagos racer snakes hunting baby marine iguanas en masse. 

"The sequence was extraordinary to film for so many reasons. I had filmed snakes hunting Marine Iguana hatchlings before but never saw them hunting en mass before. I had prepared to shoot an ambush attack which is often the strategy the snakes use to catch their prey.



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The BBC has made us a nation of nature lovers

The BBC has turned us into a nation of naturalists and nature lovers Series like...

The secrets of success; filming in China with Steven Ballantyne

Ahead of Disneynature's USA release of  'Born in China' on 21...

Behind the Scenes : Maramedia and Hotel Armadillo by Jackie Savery

'Hotel Armadillo', narrated by David Attenborough is Maramedia's first...