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Off the Fence is the leading non-fiction content company of global scale and reach, producing and distributing exceptional factual programming.

Our independent spirit and personal approach enables us the flexibility and dynamism to deliver the best for our partners. We bring a bespoke and commercially-savvy approach to our global business and have a deep understanding of local markets.

Off the Fence is a 360 factual content company. We produce, acquire, localise and deliver non-fiction programming. We deliver a bespoke service to rights-owners from co-financing, localising content and maximising revenue and return on investment.

We pride ourselves on our long-term partnerships and have long-term distribution arrangements with Smithsonian Channel, WEtv, Nuvo TV and Tangled Bank Studios.

About Off the Fence

Off the Fence Productions is an award-winning producer of factual television and digital cinema content, which is broadcast worldwide.

Their production company has created almost 400 hours of television content for a wide range of international broadcasters including History Channel, MTV, BBC, Channel 4, MSNBC, PBS, National Geographic Channel, Discovery and The Weather Channel.

Their films aim to give a fresh perspective and high production values across a range of genres that include: science, history, adventure, human stories, and natural history.

The creative team have been recognised by more than 80 awards, including Royal Television Society, Emmy, Golden Panda and Grand Teton.

Off the Fence Productions ranked number 7 in the Top 30 True Indies in the 2016 Broadcast Indie Survey, and took the number 4 position in the Top 30 Regional Indies of the same Survey.

Through their international offices, Off the Fence produce for MTV US from LA, BBC from Bristol and ZDF’s prestigious Terra-X slot from Mainz. Our offices also form part of our production financing strategies for content creation.

As a non-fiction specialist, Off the Fence have started selling factual channel feeds globally and offer other broadcast services such as scheduling, branded blocks and programme supply services.

From treatment to channel deals, Off the Fence are a one-stop shop for factual.


In Production

Wildest Indochina 5 x 60'

This series sweeps across the most diverse peninsular in the world. From Malaysia, southwest China and Vietnam to Cambodia and Thailand, Indonesia boasts breath-taking landscapes, historic cities, tropical jungles and animals galore. With mountains, pygmy elephants, turtles and rare birds it is no wonder that it’s a hub for wildlife enthusiasts. And we’re offering an up-close look at it.

Wildest Middle East 5 x 60'

From thick forests to remote deserts, along wild mountain ranges and into colourful seas – the Middle East has a spectacular, but virtually unfilmed, natural history. This is where east meets west, where forests meet deserts and where, if you look a little harder, the wildlife will amaze.

This series visits vast and varied Turkey, Egypt, Turkmenistan and Jordan, from the howling deserts to the whispering forests. It’s a celebration of the Middle East’s secret, incredible locations and its mysterious wildlife. Nothing is as it seems, and the natural world is fighting a constant battle to survive in an ever changing world.



World's Wildest City - Manaus 13 x 30'

This unique natural history series is set in the Brazilian metropolis of Manaus. Surrounded by the largest rainforest in the world, Manaus is a wild frontier where people share their lives with weird, wonderful and deadly creatures. Each episode follows different animals adapting to city life, and the experts on call for those struggling to survive in the urban jungle.

The Off the Fence Team

Executive Team

Allison Bean
Managing Director

Karen Meehan
Head of Production

Jayne Edwards
Head of Development

Rest of the Team

Celine Ritchie - Development Producer
Stuart Chambers - Post Production Manager
Jon Pembro - Post Production Manager
Colin Collis - Series Producer
Andrew Zikking - Series Producer
Tom Osborn - Archive Manager
Charlie Luckock - Series Producer
Amy Freeman - Production Manager
Stuart Hoole - Production Manager
Holly Marlow - Production Manager

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