Jackson Hole 2017 Film Finalists Announced !

08 August 2017

The Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival has announced the 2017 finalists for its 15th biennial film competition, an event that is considered to be the “Oscars of nature filmmaking.”


Winners will be revealed at the Grand Teton Awards Gala in Jackson, Wyo. on Thursday, Sept. 28, 2017. The awards are just one part of the six-day industry conference hosted at the Jackson Lake Lodge in Grand Teton National Park from September 24-29. Those attending include innovative filmmakers, organizations, scientists, journalists and visionaries from across the globe; all engaged in conservation, nature, wildlife and media.

“My biggest takeaway this year, is how many deeply personal stories are being told,” said Lisa Samford, Executive Director of Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival. “It speaks to the true power of the genre and importance of telling these stories.”


BRILLIANT NHN Members -Jackson Hole Finalists Announced !

08 August 2017

They tell us it's the biggest one yet, and the line up does look fantastic !  And with 600 films to choose from, selecting the final nominees must have been a tall order for the judges.

But select them they did, and looking down the published list we are proud to see so many of our very talented company members taking their rightful places in the roll call of Jackson Hole Film Festival Finalists for 2017.  

We at NHN also want to recognise the fact that behind all those the wonderful films and high production values are a host of  NHN Commercial Member facilites houses, location services and camera companies without whom these films couldn't be made. They include the brilliantly supportive and skilled teams at  Films@59, Evolutions , Visual Impact, Esprit, VMI Video EuropeEPM Asia and ARRI 

Below we have hightlighted the NHN production company members who have nominations for the September Festival......... because we are, after all, their number one fans! 

It may have been a tricky year for the NHU as it adapts to its n


'Hold the World' Talesmith create David Attenborough in hologram!

25 July 2017

The Natural History Museum will have something historic to unveil ! 

NHN Corporate Members' Talesmith,  and Dream Reality Interactive have come together in association with Factory 42 in a new world-first interactive virtual reality experience. Users will get ‘hands-on’ access to rare objects, while a three-dimensional hologram of Sir David offers his own unique insight on each specimen in a one-on-one interactive experience.

In Hold the World, Sir David and the Natural History Museum will be brought together using a combination of interactive video game technology and TV documentary.


BBC/ PBS WILD ALASKA viewing figures and critics

24 July 2017

Live Event Television is a tried and tested way to woo an audience with an appointment to view - and our US counterparts are buying into the idea. In July Nat Geo launched a new venture with Plimsoll with 'Earth Live' . The show was Nat Geo’s highest ever rated special, and is their biggest hit ever on social media [they were trending no.2 in the world on Twitter during the broadcast] In just two territories alone, it was watched by 8.9 million viewers; this will rise when all the other territories are accounted for [it will ultimately be shown in 170 countries].  Meanwhile, PBS - continued their partnership with BBC( that started last year with Big Blue Live,) began their 3 part Alaska Live extravaganza.


The three-parter, produced by BBC Studios Natural History Unit and US broadcaster PBS, pipped the 5m (27.1%) who tuned in for Big Blue Live in the same slot in August 2015.


Earth Live a Historic Broadcast according to Nat Geo

24 July 2017

Plimsoll's 'Earth Live' is being seen as a huge success by it's commissioners. It is already Nat Geo’s highest ever rated special, and is their biggest hit ever on social media hit- it was trending no.2 in the world on Twitter during the broadcast according to Plimsoll SP James Smith.


In just two territories alone, Earth Live was watched by 8.9 million viewers; this will rise when all the other territories are accounted for . The show will ultimately be TX'd in 170 countries.


Motion Impossible's Mantis Summer offer

23 July 2017



On Monday 2nd October 2017 Motion Impossible will be launching the Mantis 360 Plus – but the first 10 customers to buy the Mantis 360 from us NOW will secure a unique purchase deal which includes an upgrade to the 360 Plus spec for only £3900/$5000*. (RRP £19,735, $25,000*)


NHN July Networking; VR Storytelling & Museum Content Commissioning

21 July 2017

At our final networking morning of the summer seasonwe were treated to two excellent and informative presentations by NHN members .

Lizzy Moriarty, who is a freelance Museum executive, spoke about Museum content commissioning, and Mitch Turnbull, an experienced PD, gave us the presentation on VR Storytelling that she gave at the World VR Congress earlier this year.

Details of both their talks will be up on NHN shortly. 



PBS Streaming ‘Wild Alaska Live’ Across Multiple Platforms

19 July 2017

PBS is heading out into the wilderness of Alaska this summer, but its viewers can catch all the action without trekking too far. “Wild Alaska Live” is a three-part multiplatform production that PBS will streamed live to viewers’ TVs, online or on mobile devices.


source: TV Technology


In partnership with BBC, “Wild Alaska Live” will see PBS capture bears, wolves, moose, orcas and eagles gather across the Alaskan wilderness to take part in Alaska’s summer feast. The three broadcasts will air on July 23, 26 and 30 at 8 p.m. ET.


NHU gears up for Live Alaska - this weekend!

19 July 2017

The BBC will stop at nothing to make their much-loved wildlife programmes the absolute best.

For Wild Alaska Live, they will throw one of their presenters into a forest filled with bears, 300 miles from the nearest road.

Others will jump inside an iceberg and dive with salmon says the Daily Mirror .


Source Daily Mirror

Steve Backshall, Matt Baker and Liz Bonnin will front Wild Alaska Live later this month as the annual salmon migration run triggers the start of a remarkable summer feast.


Plimsoll and Nat Geo- create 'Earth Live' -Springwatch on Steroids

19 July 2017

Described by its producers variously as “Springwatch on steroids” and “the Superbowl of natural history”, a major wildlife TV event came to National Geographic this month.

Earth Live ramps up the whimsical preoccupations of BBC2’s wildlife strand and hopes to avoid some of the quieter moments of BBC’s 2012 event Planet Earth Live by cutting between 26 international locations.

It’s a clear sign of Nat Geo president, original programming and production, Tim Pastore’s bold approach to his network’s output – and the biggest test yet of Plimsoll Productions’ ambitions.  Could this be a direct threat to the BBC NHU's unique ability to deliver live natural history event television ?  

Choreographing the wildlife filming in the field has been a wild ride over more than two years of recces and has enabled the Bristol-based indie to plant its flag firmly in the Los Angeles soil, says chief executive Grant Mansfield.



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