Motion Impossible specialises in making previously impossible movements in camera and film possible. 

Our ”BuggyCam” is a remote controlled all terrain camera stabilising ground based drone that creates smooth low level camera movements.  We also offer bespoke equipment design:  Our team has a strong background in engineering and professional film making, and a close network of suppliers and specialists, so we can help you solve your film making challenges, no matter how big or small. /

Making high speed filming affordable for wildlife and natural history shoots worldwide. Contact us now to get an excellent quote for your high speed requirements.

Over the last number of years we've had the pleasure of providing high speed solutions for a diverse range of projects, from wildlife documentary to drama, features and commercials.

Based just south of Dublin, we regularly supply the remarkable Phantom Flex camera to a wide variety of clients in the UK and around the world, bringing high quality equipment and expertise at very competitive rates.

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