About Natural History Network

Natural History Network exists to support the global wildlife TV business

We aim to join-up the disconnected world of natural history film-makers to help the best people find the best jobs and the best production companies find the best talent.

Our remit is to keep people in the loop and well informed with articles, features and events.

We are also a focal hub for sharing news of developments in technology, location services, wildlife broadcasting, networking events, and new commissions.

We aim to be a one-stop-shop for the wildlife film world.

History of NHN

Natural History Network was launched in 2011 by natural history producer, Lizzie Green and web designer, Vicky Halliwell, to support the global wildlife TV business through news, events, networking and talent recruitment.  It has established itself as a hugely respected cornerstone of the wildlife production ecosystem, with over 300+ individual members and 25+ company members.

With a flourishing international membership and an appetite for more events and activity, Lizzie and Vicky felt that the organisation could truly thrive and grow if it was supported within a bigger organisation so in September 2019, NHN was gifted to the Bristol-based conservation not-for-profit Wildscreen

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