NHN Corporate Membership for Content Producers

As a Corporate Member of NHN you have a presence on the Network alongside other natural history content producers.  Produciton company members will have exclusive access to talent availailability calendars.

We offer three kinds of production company /content producer membersip : SILVER BRONZE AND START-UP 

See below for details. 


You can connect with and get messages out to the global community of wildlife film makers. Company announcements, job ads, news and commissions go straight to your target audience. NHN is a trusted and respected resource for wildlife film makers.


We also offer Commercial Membership: for trusted suppliers of  Kit, Facility Houses and Support Services to the global wildlife film industry.  Find out more ..... 

Your presence on the Corporate pages of NHN will mean our professional community of freelancers and production companies can find you easily with their ideas, talent or completed shows. 

NHN Gold Company Members

BBC Studios : The Natural History Unit

Silver Company Members

Terra Mater Factual Studios

BBC Studios-NHU

Silverback Films

Beach House Pictures

Plimsoll Productions


NHN Bronze Company Members

Brian Leith Productions



Humble Bee Films

Passion Pictures


Offspring Films

Crossing the Line


Big Wave TV

New Start Up Company Members

This is a new kind of membership that has recently been introduced for those individuals who are embarking on their first commission.  Start up Membership benefits from many of the same elements offered to small members but at a lower rate for the first year. We look forward to supporting you on your journey !


2018 Rates



Corporate Production Membership includes 

£1200 pa

  • NHN Corporate Webpage designed and hosted on NHN website - unlimited updates,
  • Featured as one of the leading global content producers of natural history output, benefiting from our excellent SEO and branding
  • Logo and Link to your own website on your page
  • Your company twitter feed on your page
  • Clips and promos embedded on your page
  • Your company Logo on NHN Home page linked to your Corporate page 
  • Your Company News, Messages and Announcements supported by NHN, featured on our Home page, newspages and social media publicity
  • Three standing invites for named members of your staff to attend our popular NHN Networking events, run monthly (9 pa) 
  • Option to co host 1 Bristol based Networking morning a year subject to availability
  • Unlimited Job Adverts; bespoke job ads designed by us and posted on the site and supported by direct emails to relevant talent groups
  • Receive our monthly newsletter with its usual mix of news roundups, features and fun bits
  • Your Special announcements and company news featured in our monthly newsletter by request. (unlimited)
  • Company logins ( 3 named individuals) to access our Members Zone to read full features, news items etc

and more ...

 email us on info@naturalhistorynetwork.co.uk for Corporate Membership rate card .




£540 pa

  • Inclusion in our NHN” Mini Indies” page along with other small independents
  • Featured as one of the global content producers of natural history output, benefiting from our excellent SEO and branding 
  • Your company Logo and Link to your own website with a drop down /adjacent small section to feature your top news or what’s in production
  • Job adverts on the NHN website at the Members discount rate of £100 for two weeks, supported by Twitter/Facebook and emailed directly to relevant talent groups.
  • Two standing invites for named members of your staff to attend our popular NHN Networking events, run monthly (9 pa) plus option to invite company guests ( 9pa)
  • Recieve our monthly newsletter with its usual mix of news, features and fun bits!
  • Your news or announcement featured on our Home page and News page by request  
  • Company logins ( 2 named individuals) to access our Members Zone to read full features and news items


New to NHN !


£250 pa

Only for companies in their first two years of business / first commission, we offer a chance to connect and network your company through NHN.

 please email us on info@naturalhistorynetwork.co.uk us for our Rate Card.

  • All Corporate Members would also have access to our Special NHN Members Zone where we publish specific Features.
  • Our NHN features are very well received. As Corporate Members we also can give you added exposure through relevant or topical features.
  • Our Events are becoming very popular. You would be invited to our NHN Networking events, run monthly in Bristol.
  • Our International Corporate Members visiting UK would have a standing invitation to join us at these events.
  • We also offer bespoke Corporate Events ( Meet and Greets, Pitching sessions etc) -by separate arrangement.
  • At it's core, NHN is a central resource for wildlife filmmakers and production companies.


If you would like to become an NHN Corporate Member please email us for further details and our rate card

Follow this link for  Commercial Membership:  Trusted suppliers of Camera /Kit/ Facility Houses and Support Services and Fixers that supply the global wildlife film industry 


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