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Esprit Film and Television offer outstanding pre- and post-production solutions to the television and feature film industries. Esprit are in a unique position to understand how to get best value from a budget and the most out of people, and their in-depth knowledge of how technology can best be used enables Esprit to turn a vision into ground breaking film.

Here at Esprit “We think it is important to, not just supply robust well engineered equipment, but also to have an innate understanding of what the technology is capable of creating, and how best to apply it from capture to transmission. We set high standards and always maintain an elegant workflow.”

Continually looking for exciting new filming solutions, Esprit develop and build bespoke camera support and optics including their own Esprit Harrier 3D mirror-rig, Esprit Hawk Side by Side rigs, underwater rigs and custom underwater housings. We offer a full range of camera and audio kit from various manufacturers with RED Dragon being Esprit's preferred camera system.

Esprit is One of the Main Suppliers 3D Kit in the UK

“We have been working hard with others to develop new and innovative 3D rigs that are suited to Wildlife filming as well as buying the best lenses around to use with our camera systems. We test our kit in a controlled studio environment to get a visual bench-mark then translate what we learn into developing it for wild natural habitats. This approach helps us to learn and achieve better results. We always endeavor to improve what we do and how we do it.”

Support Teams

“We strongly believe that the support teams at Esprit benefit from working on location using our equipment as well as offering support from Esprit's Hire base in the UK. All of the people working at Esprit are media professionals, hold qualifications for Professional Diving or climbing where relevant and are experienced in their field.”

Specialist Teams

Through experience, Esprit’s specialist teams have an awareness of the difficulties wildlife crews face in hostile environments with tricky subjects. Esprit take pride in offering user-friendly equipment that helps creativity, rather than distracting from it. When you can come to Esprit with a filming conundrum, we work hard to find a solution, even if it means designing and building customized equipment for one-off projects where none exist off the shelf.

Underwater Cinematography

Esprit have specialised in Underwater Cinematography for many years, supporting productions both large and small worldwide. New housings and techniques are constantly being developed as technology evolves and matures, thus Esprit use Gates Underwater Products for their main camera housings. However, it's not all about technology, which is why Esprit have experienced specialist operators that can offer support and build a filming environment that enables creativity and opportunity.

Underwater Presenter Audio

Underwater presenter audio was developed by Esprit some 30 years ago. Today we offer custom presenter masks and communications systems, which are imitated but never bettered. These systems are very important as they offer both life-support, as well as a means of extending a presenter's underwater environment. “We still supply over 200 microphones and other audio recorders to the Broadcast and music industry, and we still love music and wildlife sound."

Facilty Design Consultancy

As part of their extended business, Esprit also offers a Facility Design Consultancy. Esprit have designed many facilities within the Southwest of UK, examples of which are the Post-production and Audio Dubbing facilities for "Off the Fence" in Bristol,  ITV and recently the new land mark studio build for Bath Spa University's Film and Television complex.


With over 35 years of experience Dave Blackham and his team are motivated by the desire to "push the boundaries of technology, helping filmmakers to achieve outstanding results".

Clients include BBC, ITV, Discovery, National Geographic, Off the Fence, Parthenon, Red Bull, Science Limited, JDP, Icon Films, Colossus Productions, Serious Pictures, Oxford Film and TV, Big Cat, Aden Productions, Green Bay Productions, Rondo Media, CDTV, Future Planet Films, Sky and TVNZ.

If you need to hire Camera or Audio equipment for your next production and need the best support and advice available please call us on +44 1452 741240 or go to to


Underwater 4K Polecam System
30 November 2017

This month we are close to finalising the development of Esprit's own underwater 4K polecam system. This unique system provides remote camera and lens control - this is the only one of it's kind and we are excited to offer it for hire. In the last episode of Blue Planet 2 Green Seas 'In to the the Blue,' you would have seen a quick snapshot of the Megadome which was used for many of the split shots in the series split shots. Esprit developed the concept of the Megadome and designed it with Gates Underwater Products, and we are pleased to say it is now available for hire from us. Other new equipment offered includes on-vehicle camera stabilisers using the the Ronin 2 and Black Arm. At Esprit we continue to develop our internal team’s skills with recent training led by experienced filmmaker, film professor, and biologist Phil Savoie. This month our course was on deconstructing a sequence and storytelling for film and television.

Gates STO course at Pinewood Studio
October 2017

Esprit have been extremely busy this past month running our second Gates STO course at Pinewood Studio with Red Digital Cinema and Gates Underwater Products. It was a huge success and we are looking forward to running another next year. If you missed this years but would like to be contacted about the next course please email This month we have upgraded our Red Epic cameras to Red Helium 8K cameras, along with our Gates Deep Weapon underwater housings. We have many new lenses and underwater optics including new wet lenses, very large domes, and very small scopes too. We are excited for the transmission of Blue Planet 2 as we managed all of the underwater equipment for the series. Although we are are best known for our underwater work we do much more - we are soon to be expanding our range of specialist camera systems to include new cranes, stabilisers, and drones.