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The Farm Bristol has opened its new doors in the last month. For those who don’t know The Farms new building is situated just off Queen’s Road by the Victoria Rooms. You really can’t miss it.

Built in the 1830’s, and designed by Charles Dyer, the same architect as the Victoria Rooms, the grade 2*listed property has been extensively renovated over the last 18 months. “Farmton Abbey” at it has been christened has plenty of parking, two roof terraces and is crammed full of period features- there is even a bread oven in one of the offline edits.

Beneath the beautiful features 25 kms of cable has been run to make this is a thoroughly modern, full service post production house that is fully UHD/HDR compatible and has high speed connectivity to The Farm’s London, LA and Manchester facilities. Currently The Farm is providing picture post production on the latest series of the Natural World strand for BBC, WW and PBS.


The Farm has a department dedicated to SVOD/FAANG and IMF deliverables so if anyone would like any advice, needs some questions answering or would just like a tour of Farmton Tana and (Cas/Jen/Duncan) from the Farm are here if you want to say hello.


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