19th September 2019

A letter from NHN Founders, Lizzie and Vicky to the Natural History Network.


Dear Members,

We hope that you’ve had a great summer and are looking forward to the start of another wonderful NHN season!

I’m sorry not to have been able to join you at the Networking morning, as I’m currently in the USA.  However, we’re sure you have by now heard the really exciting news that Vicky and I are handing over the running of NHN to Wildscreen, with immediate effect.

We therefore wanted to send a personal message to all our members, to thank you for your support over the years, and also to give you an explanation for this transition.

First of  all, some history ….The idea for Natural History Network was conceived over 7 years ago when I was working as a SP at the BBC NHU.   The ambition was to provide an international trusted resource for the wildlife film professionals all over the world. This was a time of rapid change, as the global wildlife film business evolved into many small independent companies and a predominantly freelance workforce. 

Joining forces with experienced web designer, Vicky Halliwell, in 2012, we set to work to create and build an online presence that reflected the high production values and idiosyncratic nature of our industry (part competitive, part collaborative!). We wanted NHN to be a friendly place which supported all our members.

It wasn’t easy, not least because the consensus at the time was that this was a service no one needed or wanted!  

Over the following seven years, NHN gradually expanded into today’s internationally respected forum. 

We curated and shared industry relevant news, and we began to run informal networking mornings, in a small local cafe at first, and then later at the wonderful Everyman Cinema, where leading professionals and companies present and discuss their latest projects and thoughts on the future of our industry, (so filling in the gap between Festivals.) We also played a vital role helping new talent and new companies make initial contacts within the industry and opening their eyes to fresh opportunities.

We are thrilled to say that today NHN is thriving, with a membership that includes most of the leading wildlife film companies and top freelancers here in the UK and internationally. There are new members joining every week. I’m proud to say we achieved our ambition, and proved some of those naysayers wrong!

But with its growing popularity and with more complex changes in the industry, Vicky and I have felt in the past few months that NHN was becoming too big for the two of us to manage independently. We felt it was our responsibility to all our members, and the industry as a whole, to find an organisation we knew we could trust to look after NHN; which understood the industry, was embedded in it, but impartial, and had the infrastructure and a respected board to support its growing importance.

Therefore we are really delighted to be handing over NHN to Wildscreen and will look forward to watching as Lucie and the Wildscreen board take Natural History Network from strength to strength!

Vicky and I would like to thank you for all your support and loyalty over the years, and wish you every success in your careers and future productions. It has been a real pleasure to establish and run Natural History Network, and will look forward to watching its future progress and joining many of you at future events!

Best wishes,

Lizzie Green and Vicky Halliwell


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