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We are building an international database of reputable people.

If you are a film fixer or location support service with a proven track record and want to maximize your exposure to wildlife production companies, email us to be listed on our site.

If you are a Production Company our location Fixer site will be a trusted place to find recommended location professionals.


What does it cost to be on NHN?

A Fixer listings on NHN starts at £250 pa for a single data entry point and profile

Other options for increased presence on NHN include full and small commercial membership of NHN

Terms and Conditions

Please be aware that by sending us your details you agree to the following.

All information you include in your profile and cv will be published and made publicly available through the NHN site on the internet.

Please take care to ensure that you include only such personal information on your cv/profile as you are content to be made publicly available in this way.

NHN take no responsibility for any consequences of such publication which are entirely at your own risk.

NHN reserve the right to add a fee in the future to fixer and location service listings. Notice will be given.

NHN make no warranty as to the truth or accuracy of any statement of fact or opinion given in crew profiles, or elsewhere on the NHN site.

NHN will not be liable for any loss or damage (howsoever caused) arising out of the employment or hire of any freelancer listed.

NHN reserve the right to remove an individuals' details from the NHN site at our discretion.

All users of the information/contacts provided on the NHN site do so strictly at their own risk, and on the understanding that NHN provides no warranty as to the competence, conduct or suitability of any of the candidates listed.

Your confidentiality will be protected under the terms of the Data Protection Act.