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Esprit Film and Television supply specialist camera and audio kit for natural history films.

They offer a full range of camera and audio kit, with Red Epic being their preferred camera system. They also supply bespoke rigs including their own Esprit Harrier 3D mirror-rig, Esprit Hawk Side by Side rigs and underwater rigs and housings. Go to website for full details.

With over 30 years of experience Dave Blackham and his team are motivated by the desire to "push the boundaries of technology, helping filmmakers to achieve outstanding results."

“We think it is important to not just supply robust well engineered equipment but also to have an in depth understanding of what the cameras are capable of creating. We set high standards and always maintain an elegant workflow. Some years ago one of our main strength's was in Audio. It still is.  We still supply over 200 microphones and other audio recorders to the Broadcast and music industry and we still love music and wildlife sound."

Esprit specialist teams have an in depth understanding of the difficulties wildlife crews face in hostile environments and with tricky subjects. They pride themselves in offering user-friendly equipment that helps creativity rather than distract from it. You can go to Esprit with a filming conundrum and they will work hard to find you a solution; designing and building customized equipment for one-off projects where none exist off the shelf.

Clients include BBC, ITV, Discovery, National Geographic, Off the Fence, Parthenon, Red Bull, Science Limited, JDP, Icon Films, Serious pictures, Oxford Film and TV, Big Cat, Aden Productions, Green Bay Productions, Rondo Media, CDTV, Future Planet Films  and TVNZ.

Esprit is one of the main suppliers 3D kit in the UK. With almost 20 years of experience in this field, Dave Blackham is well placed to find solutions and give advice.

“We have been working hard with others to develop new and innovative 3D rigs that are suited to Wildlife filming, buying the best lenses around to use with our cameras. We also test our kit in a controlled studio environment to get a visual bench-mark and translate what we learn into developing it for uncontrolled natural habitats. This approach helps us learn and achieve better results. We always endeavor to improve what we do and how we do it.”

Recent 3D projects include ‘Caves of Forgotten Dreams’ by Werner Herzhog, ‘Bugs’ by Parthenon/Redbull, ‘Ganesh’ by OTF.

Esprit Film and TV also operate a Digital Cinematography Lab to quality control the imaging systems for their Red and other cameras. The lab operates in 2D and 3D and is built around an Apple shared storage system with Davinci Resolve and other high end image handling systems. They pride themselves on not just supplying robust well engineered equipment, but also having an in depth understanding what the cameras are capable of creating.

As part of their extended business Esprit also offers a Facility Design Consultancy. They designed Off the Fence’s Bristol suites and audio dubbing facilities and are currently assisting the building of a new £40M media center in the SW UK.

If you need to hire Camera or Audio equipment for your next production and need the best support and advice available please call us on +44 1452 741240 or go to to

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