As an Individual Member of NHN you will be part of a community of international wildlife film-makers.

Being a member gives you access to our online publications of news and articles, keeping you well informed about the industry and connected with other natural history film professionals.

Membership also provides you with an optional profile listing that will go up on the NHN website site.



Being visible on NHN  will mean that you benefit from our excellent SEO and can be found easily by your colleagues and contacts. This is editible by you.

Individual membership of NHN is strictly for those who are working on an individual basis, marketing themselves for hire.

If you run a small company or have a new start-up with a brand new commission, you must join NHN as a company member.   


 Standard Membership 

£72 a year ( £6 per month)

from January 2019 our membership rates for NHN will increase to £7 per month to £85 pa.


  • Your own personal profile page on NHN (currently the site receives 4,000 + targeted hits a month and ranks high on Google searches)

  • Unlimited individual profile updates
  • Priority Direct emails about jobs
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Access to Members Zone for our full range of features and articles
  • Members competitions, events and special offers available exclusively to our Members
  • Bristol based Members Networking Mornings  (£7.00 per Event from 2019)
  • Unlimited Links to your own websites on your page
  • Unlimited Links to your showreel on your page
  • Up to three clips/showreel
  • The opportunity to write for us (articles only accepted at our discretion and under our editorship). We’ve seen significant evidence to support the fact that those who contribute to the Network receive greater professional attention.



All our individual members have a personal availability calendar on their profile pages. These can only be seen by our NHN corporate members and it's a great way of them checking your availability. We ask all our members to keep their availability calendars up to date to maintain their own credibility, as well as that of Natural History Network. We send regular Last Minute Availability Alerts to our members, asking them to let us know if they have any available slots in the next three months.
Those who respond will have their availability send in direct emails to our production company members.

Basic Membership for Newcomers to the industry
 £60 per annum ( $75)

 This is a more limited option with one link  and no embedded clips which suits the lower buget    

  • Your own personal profile page
  • Unlimited individual profile updates
  • Single external link to website or showreel
  • Priority Direct emails about jobs
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Access to Members Zone for our full range of features and articles
  • Access to Bristol based Members Networking Mornings - tickets £5 per event for newcomers


Individual Membership of NHN does not require you to have an online profile. You have the choice to not have a profile on NHN if you'd prefer.  If you want to be part of NHN as an individual to gain access to the content and publications, but would prefer not to be listed in our gallery of talent, please make that clear when applying below. 

There is a £10 admin fee to set up a NHN membership.  However, we waive this fee for a new subscriptions.



If you run or are setting up a small company and would like to benefit from our support to help to progress your ambitions, you can be listed as an NHN Start Up Company rather than an individual .  Please get in touch to discuss your needs on


  More than one talent listing in more than one category?

If you are mult talented, and want to increase your personal presence on NHN by having more than one listing on NHN in different categories.

Each additional talent listing is charged at £30 pa and is limited to a maximum of three listings per person.

Please email for more information.



How to join NHN

We vet all our members and you will need approval before gaining access to the site

To register for Individual NHN Membership please send us:

  • a short 6 line paragraph outlining your key skills - your USP;
  • a list of your last 4 wildlife film relevant credits or jobs;
  • a head-and-shoulders photo and other supporting location stills;
  • your CV (please include town and country but remove your home address);
  • your website link;
  • additional website link(s)*
  • your showreel link(s)*; 
  • up to embedded three clips*.
  • * Annual Premium Individual Membership only


What Happens Next ...

Three easy steps to NHN Individual Membership:

  1. Once we’ve received your details and your application has been approved, you will be directed to our payment page 
  2. On receipt of payment, you will be sent your login details and username and will be able to go on to the site to create your profile.
  3. There will be a short delay for any edits or changes you make to be approved by us before they go live - this is just to ensure we maintain and protect our company's quality and  integrity.


"Praise from an NHN member:

"... just a quick note to say how brilliant it is to have the NHN newsletter. Each time I come back from an overseas trip I just click on to your site and half an hour later I'm up to speed with everything that i need to know in the business .. and more. I wish we'd had it 20 years ago!Thanks so much for all of your hard work ... it's very much appreciated. Peter Bassett, Senior Producer




Being a member of NHN keeps you connected and in touch. NHN means you are part of a network of peers, allowing colleagues and contacts all over the world to find you and find out what you are up to.

We help you stay connected and informed about the wildlife film industry.
We give you your own space on the Natural History Network site benifitting from our great SEO and hit rate to targeted visitors

NHN currently gets 5,000 + hits to the website a month 

  • Being part of NHN helps you to stay informed, and abreast of news and trends in the global wildlife film industry
  • Membership gives you the option to have an online profile in the existing talent categories.
  • Your profile will help you maintain your professional exposure within the industry.
  • It keeps you in touch with colleagues and contacts all over the world. 
  • It helps employers and contacts find you easily due to our great SEO and our targeted membership
  • We vet all our members, and as a result, are  trusted resource for senior people in the industry to use.
  • NHN is a 'one stop shop' for wildlife film professionals; with talent listings, news, events, jobs ads and articles. 
  • All NHN Members get automatic access to our Members Zone, where they can read and comment on the content.
  • If you are a member of NHN you get priority in hearing about jobs opportunities first, as we send you direct emails before they go onto the website. 
  • You also benefit from our last minute availability calenders and alerts which our company and production company members find very useful.
  • You do not need to be a freelancer to become a Member of NHN.
  • It is not a requirement that you have your profile up on NHN. If you just want to keep up with the content, or you are a recognised alumni of the wildlife film industry with a proven track record you can choose to join without a listing . If you'd prefer to be anonomous, you can have membership and access to all the content without a profile.

We welcome all professional wildlife programme makers and newcomers.



NHN Company Membership 

We also offer Corporate Membership of Natural History Network  Please follow the links to find out more

Start up Companies and Small Company Membership.  

Production Companies. Membership 

Broadcaster/Commissioners/SVOD; Membership

Commercial Membership for Facilities and Kit Suppliers,  Fixers and Support Services.



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