Audio Uproar specialise in producing bespoke high end audio post production to international markets across a variety of formats, all sourced from local ingredients.

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t: Office (+44)117 2262790

Audio Uproar Ltd, 14 St Pauls Rd, Bristol BS8 1LR

Current projects include 'Nature's Epic Journeys', 'Natural World', 'Earth's Great Seasons' and 'Animal Babies'.

Previous projects include the past 6 years of the BBC in-house Life in the Air, Natural Worlds, Monkey Planet, Wild Arabia, Earth's Great Spectacles, Great Barrier Reef and Deadly 60.

Headline News

Audio Uproar are currently working on an highly entertaining film about two friends who make a traditional dugout canoe and paddle off down the Amazon. Watch out for it in festivals over the summer season. have a great summer everyone, and see you in the autumn!