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Nature Picture Library is one of the world’s leading specialist photo agencies, supplying still and moving images of wildlife, nature and the environment.

We represent many of the cameramen and producers working for the BBC Natural History Unit. Nature Picture Library is the exclusive image partner for a number of innovative photography projects, including 2020VISION, Meet Your Neighbours and Wild Wonders of Europe. We are able to source footage on many rare and difficult nature subjects from our worldwide network of contributing photographers and cameramen.

More than 400,000 stills and 3,000 footage clips are available at high resolution from our website

We are always looking for exciting new content, so we’d be pleased to hear from any nature, wildlife or environmental cameramen or videographers who have a varied and strong collection of clips, which they would like us to represent. Please contact us for submission guidelines.

Nature Picture Library – Images and Inspiration from the Natural World

Nature Picture Library is a specialist photo agency for the professional market, representing more than 400 of the world’s best nature and wildlife photographers and cameramen. Our website provides access to more than 400,000 still and moving images covering every aspect of the natural world – wild animals, plants, landscapes, environmental issues, marine life, pets and native peoples. Our sister collection Bluegreen Pictures, specialising in marine and maritime images, is now combined with Nature Picture Library on this site, but the two collections can be searched separately or together.

Nature Picture Library Limited is based in Bristol close to the world-renowned BBC Natural History Unit. We represent many of the cameramen and producers working for the Unit and our collection includes many unique and unusual images relating to wildlife films.

We supply still and moving images for use in editorial, promotional and merchandising contexts in both print and digital media. We also create photo stories and features, book and calendar concepts.  We believe in providing a knowledgeable, friendly and professional service to our clients and photographers. We are often able to source rare and unusual stills and footage from our contributing photographers, who have worked in many of the world’s most remote and inaccessible regions.

An Ethical Company

We care passionately for the natural world and ask our photographers for truthful captions, which indicate if images are manipulated or if animals used for photography were captive or controlled in any way.

We are an affiliate member of the ILCP (International League of Conservation Photographers) and represent many of their fellow members who work to achieve conservation aims through their photography.   Nature Picture Library collaborates with ARKive, an initiative of the Wildscreen organisation, contributing images to their online multimedia guide to the world’s endangered species and habitats. 

We are carbon balanced and offset our carbon emissions via the World Land Trust.          

Supporting Conservation

We sponsor or represent  a number of major projects focusing on the role photography can play  in nature conservation, including Wild Wonders of Europe, 2020Vision , Meet  Your Neighbours and the Coral Triangle.

We actively support conservation by making regular donations from our sales revenue to a small charity or specific project which is making a difference. We choose a different charity every three months.


29th July is World Tiger Day, which aims to raise awareness of the magnificence of the largest of the big cats and the vital need for its conservation. Tiger populations have declined by 97% since 1900, with a current wild population estimated at just 3200, of which approximately 50% live in India. Our new tiger gallery celebrates these magnificent animals and includes Bengal, Siberian, Sumatran, Malayan and Indochinese tigers. If you’d like more information on our tiger coverage, please call +44 (0)117 911 4675 or email us. 







Nature Picture Library staff

Helen Gilks – Managing Director
Tim Harris – Sales and Marketing Manager
Tim Aldred – Senior Picture Researcher (Magazines and Conservation)
Giles Manning – IT Manager, Television Sales
Laura Sutherland – Picture Researcher (Books and Merchandising)
Ben Gillett – Digital Imaging Manager
Kathryn Hyman – Office Manager and Accounts