Wildlife Production Companies are looking for the award winning wildlife film makers of the future.

Experienced film makers believe that fresh talent is the lifeblood of our industry.

If you are passionate about wildlife film making, and looking for your first break in the business email us.

We will market this site to those looking for the star programme makers of the future.

To register please send:

  • a short 6 -8 line summary of your interests qualifications and relevant experience
  • your CV ( please add town and country but remove home address) (Sample CV)
  • a head and shoulders photo and any supporting stills
  • a list of your last 3-4 wildlife/film relevant jobs projects or qualifications

Employers can use the browser below to locate skilled production staff or go to our newcomer section to find fresh talent.

Natural History Network also has listings of experienced craft personnel including specialist cameramen and sound recordists, editors, directors and producers, composers and scriptwriters.