Benedict Allen. The risks of going solo in PNG & How to stay safe.

17 November 2017

Interview with Steven Ballantyne, Director of EPM Asia 

Explorer, filmmaker, colleague and friend Benedict Allen hit the headlines this week with fears that he was lost in one of the remotest jungles on earth. We all feared the worst. 

The good news is that he has been picked up from Hewa airstrip 20 miles west northwest of Porgera, He's on his way home!

Sensationalist headlines have fuelled some anxiety in our close knit industry about filming in PNG. So we caught up with NHN member Steven Ballantyne, who runs the hugely respected production logistics support company  EPM Asia .

Steven was instrumental in co ordinating the search for Benedict. He was keen to set the record straight and reassure colleagues ; to allay any fears of filming in PNG and also to suggest ways of limiting your risks.


Benedict's disappearance has gripped the national and international press, with headlines screaming fears of headhunters roaming PNG and the dangers of filming in this region.


We want more Sex & Drugs..and Natural History. What Happened at the Televisual Factual Festival 2017

16 November 2017

This weeks Televisual Factual Festival held at BAFTA provided a cornucopia of inspirational delights and fascinating insight for documentary film makers, and NHN were there to report on the hot topics.


And while natural history is only a small part of the factual slate equation, commissioners clearly regard what we do as one of the jewels in their crowns  ! 

So it's time to pay attention, listen and learn about what works, what doesn't, and what the ingredients for a successful commission are.


Benedict Allen - latest

16 November 2017

Frank Gardener reported on BBC Radio 4's Today programme that there had been a second sighting of Benedict and that he seemed healthy and well.  He had been seen near an airstrip and that he was looking for a way to leave.  We'll keep you posted!


UK explorer Benedict Allen 'missing in Papua New Guinea'

15 November 2017

Source BBC News Online

The family of British explorer Benedict Allen say he has gone missing during an expedition to Papua New Guinea.

The 57-year-old was travelling on his own to try to find the reclusive Yaifo tribe, whom he first met 30 years ago.

His wife says she has not heard from him for three weeks - and he hasn't taken planned flights home.


Natural history doc becomes biggest show of 2017

08 November 2017

The opening episode of Blue Planet II has become the most-watched show of the year with a consolidated audience of 14m viewers.

BBC1’s natural history show was ahead of the sixth episode of Strictly Come Dancing (12.3m), as well as charity concert One Love Manchester and the final episode of the third series of ITV’s Broadchurch, both of which entertained 11.6m.

Blue Planet II’s debut gripped a peak of 14.3m and enjoyed an average share of 45.7% across its 60 minutes, building on an overnight audience of 10.3m.

The BBC Studios’ Natural History Unit programme was the biggest natural history show in 15 years and comfortably ahead of the previous best – an episode of Planet Earth II which wowed 13.1m in 2016.


Crossing the Line win Best Natural History Doc at 2017 Grierson Awards

07 November 2017

Congratulations to NHN members John Murray, Cepa Giblin for Crossing the Line Productions who won the coveted award of Best Natural History Documentary for... Wild Ireland: The Edge of the World - Episode 1  at last night’s 45th annual Grierson British Documentary Awards.
Former Natural History Unit boss and the head of Siverback Films, Alastair Fothergill, was also presented with the Grierson Trustees Award


The awards were presented at a star-studded ceremony hosted by Stephen Mangan at London's The Mermaid last night. 


Alastair Fothergill honored with BBC Grierson Trustees' Award

06 November 2017

Congratulations ! 

 "Documentary maker, producer, presenter and all round natural history guru, Alastair Fothergill will be honoured with the prestigious BBC Grierson Trustees' Award at tonights 2017 British Documentary Awards. 

At the forefront of natural history programming for over 30 years, Alastair Fothergill is responsible for some of the most impactful and innovative natural history programming lauded the world over.


BBC's Tony Hall warns of threat of SVoD's to UK content

03 November 2017

BBC chief warns spend on British content could slide by £500m

The BBC has warned that the future of homegrown content is under threat in the face of powerful SVoD players which are failing to invest in British content.

Tony Hall said it is vital that the BBC, which has an annual content budget of £3.5bn, remains a “guardian” of UK production, and continues to modernise and back distinctive new ideas as it cannot compete purely on funding alone.

A report published today by the corporation has found that the spend on British programming could fall in real terms by £500m in the next 10 years due to a challenging advertising market, reduced content budgets and investment in global programming rather than UK-specific shows.

In a speech in Liverpool , director general Tony Hall said that Netflix and Amazon’s growing revenues have not translated into increas


Congratulations NHN Company Members; Nominees in 2017 Grierson Awards !

01 November 2017

Actor Stephen Mangan will host the 45th British Documentary Awards at a star-studded event at The Mermaid, London on Monday 6th November, and we are delighted to share the news that many of our NHN members have been nominated this year. 

A brilliantly talented caste of directors from Tigress Productions, Crossing the Line Productions, Offspring and the BBC Studios NHU will be donning their glad rags and heading to London for the awards ! 



Congratulations to NHN Company members who have been nominated for the hugely prestigious Grierson Award !


NHN Late Availability Alerts

21 October 2017

Crewing up?

Need a cameraman, researcher, producer or other at the last minute for your project or shoot?

NHN are here to help! 

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