Beverly Joubert attacked by Buffalo

Beverly Joubert attacked by Buffalo

14th March 2017

As many of you know, Dereck and Beverly Joubert were both attacked by a buffalo on the 3rd March. Beverly was badly injured; impaled. Dereck has a broken rib, some additional cracked ribs and a cracked pelvis. After what can only be called a saga; Dereck chasing after the buffalo, kicked it and got Beverly off the horn and then got her to safety and stabilised for a long 11 hour wait in rough conditions for dawn and medical evacuation to South Africa and ICU where she has been for 12 days. Four operations of four hours each have started the rebuild. There is no way to describe the luck or miracle of what happened. Today Dereck is finally happy enough to say out loud that Beverly is going to make it. 

She is still critical and under observation for pain and potential infections but she is awake and moving around. 

Natural History Network on behalf of the wildlife film community send her our very best wishes on a speedy recovery.

News courtesy of Jackson Hole Film Festival


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