BRILLIANT NHN Members -Jackson Hole Finalists Announced !

BRILLIANT NHN Members -Jackson Hole Finalists Announced !

8th August 2017

They tell us it's the biggest one yet, and the line up does look fantastic !  And with 600 films to choose from, selecting the final nominees must have been a tall order for the judges.

But select them they did, and looking down the published list we are proud to see so many of our very talented company members taking their rightful places in the roll call of Jackson Hole Film Festival Finalists for 2017.  

We at NHN also want to recognise the fact that behind all those the wonderful films and high production values are a host of  NHN Commercial Member facilities houses, location services and camera companies without whom these films couldn't be made. They include the brilliantly supportive and skilled teams at  Films@59, Evolutions , Visual Impact, Esprit, VMI Video EuropeEPM Asia and ARRI 

Below we have hightlighted the NHN production company members who have nominations for the September Festival......... because we are, after all, their number one fans! 

It may have been a tricky year for the NHU as it adapts to its new status as a wholy owned subsidiary of the BBC, as part of BBC Studios, and so we are delighted for them that they have seen such success in recent months.

Of course the BBC Studios' Natural History Unit's Planet Earth II  is up there on the finalist list, with nominations in 4 categories ( and 5 nominations in total). And so, despite the Daily Mail's aprocryphal non-story of  'cheating the iguanas sequence" in this weeks paper  (yes,that old one.. again!), no one can dispute the way the series has captivated audiences and Jackson judges alike. The NHU Studios also received nominations for 'Jaguars; Brazil Super Cat' ( Conservation) 'Shark a 4D Experience' ( Short) 'Wild Tales from the Village' ( Visualisation - or Cinematography as you might know it as - and Best Editing).  


Hot on their heels are Silverback Films, 'The Hunt', which bagged a total of 4 nominations, including Best Animal Behaviour (pitted against BBC Studios' Planet EarthII), Best Conservation Film ( up against NHU's 'Jaguars; Brazil's Super Cats'), Best Limited Series - Long, (up against ..yes you guessed it - BBC Studios Planet Earth II), Best Editing- up against BBC Studios and TMFS). 

However, there is one NHN Corporate Member that is in a class of its own when it comes to nominations. Conspicuous across categories and with a spectrum of films in the short list- Terra Mater Factual Studios, have snapped up a FANTASTIC ELEVEN NOMINATIONS  across 6 of their productions at this years Jackson Festival .

The Ivory Game which grabbed industry attention at Wildscreen 2016 with its Golden Panda win, has 4 nominations;  Best Impact Film, Best Theatrical Film, Best Editing, (up against Silverback's 'The Hunt; and NHU's 'Wild Tales from the Village' ) and Best Writing.

Terra Mater clearly know how to hone their craft, because the Jackson judges also selected another of their productions; 'Paris a Wild Story' for a Best Writing nomination too.

 'Paris ; A Wild Story' was also nominated in the Best Ecosystem category.Conservation Films are notoriously difficult to pull off, but Terra Mater's 'Tribe Versus Pride'  has pride of place on this list too, up against Silverback's 'The Hunt' and BBC's 'Jaguar Brazil's Super Cat' . And to top it all, the company also has a Cinematography nomination with their 'Brothers of the Wild' ( Best Visualization)!

As Nat Geo exec Hamish Mykura said at Sheffield Docfest this year;  "specialist factual subjects really lend themselves to a big scale approach,” but “the biggest companies don’t necessarily generate the best ideas.”  Our NHN small independent companies have clearly demonstrated this case in point.

Martin Dorhn and his team at Ammonite partnered Terra Mater in placing David Attenborough centre stage in the delightful and innovative film ' David Attenborough's Light on Earth', and in so doing gained a Jackson nomination for Best Host/Presenter.  

The film is also nominated as Best Science & Nature Film. For such a small company, Ammonite certainly pack a heavy punch . They've also been nominated for Best Short for their film 'Big World in a Small Garden'. ('Shark a 4D Experience' by the BBC NHU and BBC EARTH are also in this category)

Colin Stafford Johnson's gentle and personal performance as host for 'Wild Ireland; Edge of the World'  has once again done the trick of captivating the judges, and for this Crossing the Line Productions has a nomination for Best Host too ! (They picked up the Grand Teton Award 4 years ago at Jackson 2013 for 'On a River in Ireland. also hosted by Colin)

Another of our small independent productions company members recognised in this year's finalist list is Brian Leith Productions.

 'Ghost of the Mountains' is the behind the scenes story of the making of their feature film 'Born in China', for Disneynature, and has been recognised with a nomination in the 'People and Nature' category. 

It's always going to be tough when faced with competition from a Hollywood great, because the Best Music category has Hans Zimmer in its line up . The score he and his company ( Bleeding Fingers) wrote for both Planet Earth II Mountains' and 'Planet Earth II Grasslands'  are up against Maramedia's  'Highlands Spring Seasons of Extremes' score by Simon Ashdown and Donald Shaw. Maramedia have also been nominated for Best Audioscape for this film.

And last but not least is a Best Interactive nomination for the short VR film 'Cat Flight' made for BBC Earth and produced/directed by Mitch Turnbull who spoke at NHN Networking Morning in July about the making of this film and VR Storytelling.   

NHN will be reporting from Jackson Hole Film Festival in September 25- 29th - Look out for our forthcoming NHNBuzztrack news feed ! 

Terra Mater Factual Studios will be speaking at our NHN networking Event in October 2017.

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