Mexico; Earth's Festival of Life

Mexico; Earth's Festival of Life

5th May 2017

Series Producer Patrick Morris and his team filmed some animal behaviour firsts in the latest 3 part series to be produced by the BBC NHU.  These include aplomado falcons hunting in pairs, black-tailed prairie dogs fighting off a hunting bull snake, morelet crocodiles hunting doves and the relationship between black bears and ranchers in the mountains of northern Mexico.  

BBC/PBS three-part landmark series about Mexico’s wildlife, landscapes and cultures is due to start on Sun 7 May 8pm BBC2. 

This will be the first time the BBC Studios Natural History Unit has ever made such an in depth series about the natural history of Mexico.

Films at 59 supplied full Vision post production for the series. This highly visual mini landmark series was graded in our Autodesk Lustre suite by Films at 59's Colourist Simon Bland. "Mexico: Earth's Festival of Life, demanded bold colours to complement its natural vibrancy and rich tones. As each episode is set in a different environment, Forests, Mountains and Deserts, we want the viewers to feel the contrast between the different locations, maintaining a series style but each programme maintaining a unique identity."


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