Filming in Philippines ? EPM Asia team in Bristol in January

29 November 2016

The team from EPM Asia who were the fixers behind the recent Disneynature Born in China movie made by Brian Leith Productions will be in Bristol from the 25th - 27th January 2017.  Steven Ballantyne and colleagues will be actively promoting the Philippines as a filming location, along side China, PNG and others where we work.

If you would like to arrange a meeting with  Steven Ballentyne do get in touch 

SP of Planet Earth II joins Plimsoll Productions

29 November 2016

Tom Hugh Jones -he series producer of Planet Earth II is to join Grant Mansfield’s Plimsoll Productions as the business expands its highend wildlife output.

Tom joined The Story Of Cats indie as executive producer shortly after he finished work on the six-part BBC Natural History Unit series, which peaked with 11 million viewers for its second episode on Sunday.

Hugh-Jones took charge of 117 shoots in 40 countries for the BBC America, ZDF, Tencent and France Télèvisions co-pro. A natural history veteran, he has spent 20 years working at the BBC on series including Life Story and Human Planet.

At Plimsoll, Hugh-Jones will work with Andrew Jackson, and head of wildlife Martha Holmes, producer of BBC1 landmarks Blue Planet and Life.

Hugh-Jones is understood to be exec producing a yet-to-be-announced major international wildlife co-production.

ALBERT carbon literacy course Bristol

29 November 2016

Many people are concerned about President Trump’s views on climate change.   At the UN climate change conference in Morocco, US Secretary of State John Kerry has said that the only option is “…to act boldly on climate change and encourage others to do the same.”  



Film makers need to understand the issues, to be clear about our industry’s impacts and then start helping to solve the problem.  BAFTA’S free Carbon Literacy for Production training can provide answers and give you the knowledge to do the right thing.  


Mellow out says Radio 1 ; with Planet Earth II & Slow TV

24 November 2016

Radio 1 is to explore slow TV for the younger generation after partnering with BBC Studios’ Natural History Unit to launch Planet Earth II-themed programming.The youth-skewing station is expanding its video presence on iPlayer with 3 x 30-minute series The Planet Earth II Playlists, in which DJs provide a soundtrack to footage of landscapes shot via drones for BBC1’s David Attenborough-fronted series.


Indie rock DJ Huw Stephens will provide a mix for the Canyonlands episode, with reggae DJ David Rodigan selecting the tracks for Jungles. Radio 1Xtra’s DJ Benji B will accompany the Mix episode, which features six separate scenes.

Huw Cordey nominated for Best Director RTS 2016 Awards

23 November 2016

This year, the  2016 Royal Television Society Craft & Design Awards sees the extension of the Director’s category, and will now recognise achievement in documentary/factual and non-drama productions.



To have a nomination in this category, and for the contribution of the natural history director to be recognised by the wider industry,  is a vote of confidence for our industry as a whole, and for all the natural history directors out there.  


Audio Uproar RTS Nomination !

21 November 2016

We are delighted to share the news that NHN Members Audio Uproar have a nomination for this years Royal Television Society Awards for their work on Life in the Air ! 


The Awards will be presented on Monday 28 November 2016 at the London Hilton, Park Lane. 

The competition is stiff, but quite contrasting, with a hard core doc and a high end entertainment show to contend with ! We'd like to say good luck to Matt Coster and his talented  Audio Uproar team!


Before the Flood and the power of Leo. Launch Nov 8th

08 November 2016

The ‘power of Leo’ compelled film-maker Fisher Stevens to return to the theme of climate change. The actor opened doors and made the topic sexy too, he tells Manori Ravindran

Director Fisher Stevens gets a knot in his stomach when he contemplates politics and its inextricable ties to the environment.

That’s where his “rage” is, he growls: with the politicians. With his Leonardo DiCaprio-fronted climate change documentary Before The Flood, Stevens was determined to make a tangible difference, and one condition for the doc’s release was a premiere before 8 November.

I'm not saying we’re going to have any effect on the election, but I am saying we’re going to have an effect on how people who see the film view these politicians. They need to understand that when politicians deny climate change, they deny us,” says Stevens, who is also known for acting roles in Short Circuit and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Grierson Award Winner 'The Hunt'.

08 November 2016

Congratulations to Silverback's 'The Hunt' team who have won the Grierson Award for Best Natural History Series.  Other nominees in the Best Natural History series category were NHN Corporate Members; Tigress Productions  for 'A year inthe Wild Loch Lomand'  SP'd by Duncan Chard, and BBC NHU for Attenborough's Giant Egg by Mike Gunton and Charlotte Scott.

Considered as the Oscars of the documentary world, the Grierson Awards celebrate the best in documentary film-making. The gala Award Ceremony was held last night at The Mermaid in Blackfriars, London and attended by many of the leading lights in documentary television.

Planet Earth peaks with 10m! REVIEWS

07 November 2016

Sunday's  BBC1 debut episode of Planet Earth II enjoyed a successful night with an audience peak of almost 10m

Planet Earth II (BBC1) 8pm-9pm
9.2m (36.1%)

A peak of 9.9m (38.5%) tuned in to watch the follow-up to David Attenborough’s 2006 documentary Planet Earth.

It was well ahead of the 8.7m (32%) who watched the Planet Earth debut in March 2006 and dwarfed the channel’s 5.9m (26.5%) slot average for the past 12 months.

It also beat the launches of a number of previous David Attenborough documentaries, including November 2015’s The Hunt (4.5m / 19.6%) and October 2014’s Life Story (4.4m / 21.2%).

Look out for the upcoming features on NHN by members of the PE II team !


“The opening image of Planet Earth II contained the promise of everything to come. It was spectacular, it was beautiful, it was magical. Attenborough constructs his tales with the skill of a novelist, and presents them as grippingly as a Shakespearean actor.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

“His voice still radiated the awestruck enthusiasm of a schoolboy as he provided the commentary to compelling ‘circle of life’ dramas that transformed what could have simply been a televised biology lecture into essential viewing. This kind of jaw-dropping, eye-opening television is exactly what makes the licence fee such a bargain.”
Jeff Robson, The i

“Attenborough’s anthropomorphism can be shameless. Yet yesterday I realised I no longer mind. He wants us to fall in love with a natural world embarrassingly red in tooth and claw. To do that he needs to make us empathise with its most colourful and jeopardised inhabitants.”
Andrew Billen, The Times

“You know what, it doesn’t really matter if there isn’t much point, or an awful lot connecting it all together, and you don’t learn much. It’s basically saying that here’s some cool stuff that happens on islands, filmed incredibly. Top-quality wallpaper. With a bit of emotional manipulation thrown in to humanise it all.”
Sam Wollaston, The Guardian


Films@59 on NHU's Planet Earth II

03 November 2016

NHN Members Films at 59 are thrilled to have provided Post Production and Workflow services for this iconic series, fulfilling the unique requirements of UHD HDR management, processing, and delivery. 

Filmed over three years across the globe, the epic scale of this series is billed as being second to none.

With the latest camera techniques and Post Production technologies the filmmaking takes the audience closer to nature and allows you to experience the wilderness as if you were there.

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