NHNZ's 'Big Pacific' is coming to MIP

30 March 2017

NHNZ, PBS and ZDF Enterprises have just announced  that actor and producer, Daniel Dae Kim (Hawaii Five-0, Lost, 3AD Productions) is set to narrate the upcoming blue-chip series 'Big Pacific'. The series is to be featured at a preview screening during MIPDOC in Cannes this weekend and will have its television premiere on PBS stations this summer. 

Two years in the making, Big Pacific breaks boundaries between land and sea to capture the most guarded secrets of the world’s biggest ocean.

Visual Impact go large @NHN March Networking

27 March 2017

" Our approach to business is simple; treat each customer, large or small, as an individual with their own unique set of requirements " Visual Impact

The Visual Impact team were out in force last Thursday at our monthly Networking morning. 

Stuart Wyllie and his team of camera and tech experts were keen to stress their dedication to natural history filmmaking, and the far reaching support that the company offers. 

RTS Awards London tonight 2017

21 March 2017

Executive Producers Alastair Fothergill and Huw Cordey will be heading up to the Grosvenor House Hotel London to attend the Royal Television Sociey Awards tonight. The team from Silverback Films have a nomination for the best Science and Natural History programme for their landmark series The Hunt.

The RTS awards recognise programmes which have made a positive contribution to their genre through their originality, innovation or supremely high standard, and from which other programme makers can learn and develop.

RTS West - The Natural History winners !

20 March 2017

Planet Earth II and Jago a Life Underwater win big at the RTS Bristol Awards 2017

This year, the BBC Natural History Unit will celebrate its 60th anniversary, and so it's only fitting that this world class production house was recognised on Sunday nights Royal Television Society West of England Awards. 

The RTS West Awards ceremony in partnership with Evolutions, was held in the Old Vic Theatre Bristol and celebated achievements in television and film production in the region over the past 12 months. Filmakers from across the television and film genres; Drama, Documentary, Animation Childrens, and News  joined many of our own natural history colleagues in a glittering gala evening.

 " 1000's of people know that the NHU is the beating heart of the wildlife film industry,but its body is Bristol" said Mike Gunton Executive Producer of Planet Earth II, which scooped a string of awards including Best Series and Best Editing for Dave Pearce's.

Mike went on to thank the RTS for recognising the role of natural history directors when he accepted the Award for Best Director on behalf of Fredi Devas who directed Planet Earth II stunning 'Cities' episode . 


The BBC's Natural World team also picked up award for Best On Screen Talent - Unscripted.   Vianet Djeneut collected the award for his work on the film 'My Congo'.

Wanted: Preliminary Judges for Jackson Hole Film Festival

14 March 2017

Do you want to get a feel for what's happening in the business? Do you want to indulge yourself,  watching some of the best films that have been made in the past two years?  And do you want to play your part in making sure the right films and the best people are recognised for their work ? If so, we suggest you get in touch with Jackson Hole Film Festival and apply to be a preliminary judge.  

Although it is a lot of work ( and yes, we've done it !) it is an incredibly empowering thing to do and you will have the bonus of being well informed about the shows everyone is talking about!

More than 150 preliminary judges will screen over 3,500 hours to select this year's finalists. You can earn discounted or complimentary passes to the 2017 Festival, by remotely judging the preliminary rounds in June & July.

There will be one to three rounds of preliminary judging depending on the number of entrants in each particular category.


This means each submission will be screened in its entirety by a minimum of 3 preliminary judges, and sometimes as many as 15 judges. All films are viewed via our secure password protected online viewing platform integrated with Vimeo. Finalists will be announced on approximately August 1st and August 15th for the craft categories.

Wild Ireland: The Edge of the World

14 March 2017

Hanging like an emerald jewel off the western edge of Europe, Ireland has always been a place apart – the last scrap of rock before the void of the Atlantic Ocean. Never conquered by the Romans, Ireland was for millennia the very edge of the known world for Europeans and the last stop for countless animals before they disappeared into the mists of the western ocean on their ceaseless journeys of life.

This is a unique personal journey along one of the most spectacular coastlines in the world featuring the wildlife and wild places that make it so special. Emmy award winning wildlife cameraman Colin Stafford-Johnson takes viewers on an authored odyssey along Ireland’s rugged Atlantic coast – the place he chooses to make his home after 30 years spent shooting some of the world’s most celebrated wildlife films.

As never captured before, this series features Ireland’s west coast and wildlife wonders – from the Skellig Rocks - stormbound ocean pinnacles settled by early Christian monks 1500 years ago to breaching Humpback whales newly arrived off the island’s southern shores, to Golden Eagles fighting the gales of the northern highlands, to the majestic Salmon returning from the Arctic to face upriver into some of the purest freshwaters in Europe; to the clash of Ireland’s last surviving Red Deer stags echoing through the island’s highest mountains.  

Hosted by wildlife cameraman Colin Stafford-Johnson, the films follow him on a journey along Ireland’s Atlantic coast from the southwest corner of the island to finish on the tip of Northern Ireland. Along the way, he gives intimate personal insights into the wild animals and wild places he discovers along the way.

The series is produced by Crossing the Line Films, the multi-award winning team behind some of the most celebrated wildlife films in the world of the last five years.

Episode 1

Beverly Joubert attacked by Buffalo

14 March 2017

As many of you know, Dereck and Beverly Joubert were both attacked by a buffalo on the 3rd March. Beverly was badly injured; impaled. Dereck has a broken rib, some additional cracked ribs and a cracked pelvis. After what can only be called a saga; Dereck chasing after the buffalo, kicked it and got Beverly off the horn and then got her to safety and stabilised for a long 11 hour wait in rough conditions for dawn and medical evacuation to South Africa and ICU where she has been for 12 days. Four operations of four hours each have started the rebuild. There is no way to describe the luck or miracle of what happened. Today Dereck is finally happy enough to say out loud that Beverly is going to make it. 

She is still critical and under observation for pain and potential infections but she is awake and moving around. 

Natural History Network on behalf of the wildlife film community send her our very best wishes on a speedy recovery.

News courtesy of Jackson Hole Film Festival


Just announced ! Nominations for Royal Television Society Awards 2017

07 March 2017

Congratulations to the teams at Silverback Films and BBC Natural History Unit  who have been nominated for the presigious Royal Television Awards 2017! They listed Silverback's 'The Hunt' for best Science and Natural History Show and Sir David Attenborough as Best Presenter for Attenborough and The Giant Dinosaur made by BBC Natural History Unit and PBS

The nominations were revealed this morning (7 March), with the winners unveiled at a ceremony hosted by Sandi Toksvig on 21 March at Grosvenor House Hotel, London

Further details can be found on the main RTS site.

The two natural history shows are up against some stiff competition, as listed below. 

Best Science and Natural History

Brilliant, Bold, Born in China

07 March 2017

NHN were luckily enough to be invited to the UK Premiere of Born in China; a co-production between Brian Leith Productions (Bristol) and Chuan Films (Beijing) for Disneynature.

Born in China follows the lives of five main characters over the course of a year. It's a beautifully crafted film - bold in it's ambition, which certainly delivers moving stories that engage and challenge the audience. 

This brave story-telling was attributed to the relationship between the two co-production companies, which on the one hand was a challenge, with cultural and work-style differences to overcome, but also a blessing in that the two teams were able to push for a powerful ending by pursuing the story of the circularity of life that is so much part o

Ready Steady Go! On the Road to Jackson Hole Film Festival!

06 March 2017

Something is stirring in them there mountains of Wyoming.

The Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival team are beginning to wind up the cogs in preperation for another of their great events which will take place this year between 24-29th September 2017.


Widely considered the most prestigious honor in natural history filmmaking, the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival celebrates the world's most innovative wildlife, nature and science storytelling .


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