Check out Silverback Films Disneynature Dolphins trailer just released!

27 May 2017

The official trailer for Silverback Films’ next Disneynature feature film, Dolphins, has been released and is now available on YouTube.  The film will premiere on Earth Day 2018.

Looks amazing !


BBC Radio 3's Music Matters - Interview with Will Goodchild

26 May 2017

Jago - a Life Underwater had its first UK broadcast on BBC4 on Thursday 26 May. 

The music for Jago - and the subject of composing for wildlife film - is discussed in an interview with NHN member and composer, Will Goodchild, for BBC Radio 3's Music Matters, which goes out on 10 June 2017 (more information can be found here:

The film documents the life of Rohani, an 80-year-old hunter who dives like a fish on a single breath, descending to great depths for several minutes.

Tigers of Scotland - a film by Leanne Gater

25 May 2017

NHN member, Leanne Gater, is running a crowdfunding campaign for a film that she's making about the Scottish Wildcat.

For the past year, Leanne has been self-funding the production and has now set up a crowdfunding campaign to help her with the post production costs. She's hoping to have it finished in time to submit to Jackson Hole, along with many other film festivals.

Blue Ant Media acquire NHNZ

24 May 2017

It's been announced today that RACAT’s media holdings have been acquired by international media company Blue Ant Media. Included in the purchase are production houses NHNZ (formerly Natural History New Zealand)Beach House Pictures and Northern Pictures, in addition to international children’s nature broadcaster ZooMoo Networks, and Runaway Play, a mobile game developer and publisher

Blue Ant Media is a privately held, international content producer, distributor and channel operator. With production houses around the world, the company creates content for multiple genres including factual, factual entertainment, short-form digital series and kids programming. Distribution arm, Blue Ant International offers a catalogue of 2,300+ hours of content, including the largest 4K natural history offering on the market. Its international channel business offers a portfolio of media brands such as Smithsonian Channel Canada, BBC Earth (Canada), Love Nature (International) and HGTV (New Zealand).


NHNZ Managing Director Kyle Murdoch says the company is excited for its next chapter with Blue Ant Media.

BBC Wild Alaska Live to air across three-parts

24 May 2017

NHU Unit Head, Julian Hector, announced at NHN's Networking Morning that the BBC is heading to Alaska for its latest live natural history event, following in the footsteps of 2015’s Big Blue Live.

BBC Studios Natural History Unit and US broadcaster PBS have again tied for 3 x 60-minute series Wild Alaska Live, which be broadcast live from the wilderness of Alaska across a week in July.

Steve Backshall, Matt Baker and Liz Bonnin will return as hosts to explore of the world’s biggest conservation success stories.

Nordic Life at NHN

23 May 2017

NHN Trade Stall Members and outdoor clothing specialists Nordic Life took prime position alongside the BBC NHU at NHN's May Network Morning 

The company is gaining a following amongst natural history filmmakers because of their specialisation in sourcing gear that works specifically for our crews on location. John Downer Productions, BBC NHU and Pinewood Studios have used their expertise, and it was great to have them with us last week.


MD Rhodri Lewis said

"It’s a great opportunity for us, at Nordic Life, to hear about the needs of camera crew and film makers facing tough conditions out in the wild. 


20 May 2017

When BAFTA first contacted Ellen Husain to see if she’d like to apply for the 2016/17 Breakthrough Brits scheme, she wasn’t sure that natural history was going to top their list  – but as the first wildlife film maker selected for the scheme she was very happily proved wrong. 



With the deadline fast approaching for 2017/18 applicants (30th May), below Ellen encourages fellow Natural History Network members to nominate a colleague. or apply themselves !

Geeking out with Luke Barnett - filming bats in Mexico

19 May 2017

This Sunday sees the last episode of the BBC's Mexico series. Mexico Burning North  broadcasts Sun 21 May 8pm BBC2.

Here  NHN Member Luke Barnett shares his ( geeky) tips on how he filmed the amazing sequence of Pallid Bats hunting Scorpions.

"Filming this sequence required a lot of planning, setting up and a considerable amount of geeking out with kit ! 

Producer Stuart Armstrong had me hooked when he first explained the Pallid bats to me.

BBC NHU and Nordic Life at NHN's May Networking Morning

18 May 2017

The Everyman in Bristol was packed at 8.30 this morning with unprecidented numbers of NHN Members joining us to hear Julian Hector and Oli Thompson's presentation.  In the week in which the NHU won two BAFA's for Planet Earth II, and the month in which the NHU became a wholly owned subsidiary of the BBC, it's exciting times for them.  " We now have complete control of our destiny" said Julian.   Sharing slides and forecasts with the audience, Julian spoke of the future and of the five main areas of production; the big landmarks, the smaller three parters, Live events, Children's and The One Show. He also spoke of the importance of the digital space for future programming.  A detailed article of what was said at this meeting will be up on NHN shortly. 

Joining the BBC at this event were Nordic Life - the specialist outdoor equipment suppliers who have extenisve experience supplying fantastic clothing specially adapted and researched for our industry. These include gloves that can be used in minus 40 degree temperatures with touch screen friendly fingertips ! BBC  NHU, John Downer Productions and Pinewood studios are all clients and for bigger productions they will give corporate discounts for NHN members.  

Natural World Nature’s Miniature Miracles

15 May 2017

TXing  Tonight ! Monday 15th May 2017

It really is a big bad world out there. So what happens if you’re the little guy? This film tells the epic survival stories of the world’s smallest animals. To make a living, these tiny heroes have evolved extraordinary skills and achieved mind boggling feats. From the animal kingdom’s greatest artist to the tiny creatures that provides us with so much of the air we breathe, we discover what it takes to be a miniature miracle.

Narrated by Hugh Dennis
Producer: Lucy Smith


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