Viewfinders - Team to continue Jean Hartely's work

01 October 2017

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Viewfinders Founder Jean Hartley. Jean was widely credited with being the first to establish fixing as a sector within wildlife film making in this part of the world.

Jean Hartley was a highly regarded ‘fixer’ and facilitator of documentary film crews in Kenya. Educated in both Africa and England, Jean eventually settled in Kenya, working in a variety of administration and personal assistant roles.

Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival 2017 WINNERS!

29 September 2017

Congratulations to all the brilliant Winners of the Jackson Hole Film Festival, and to the Nominees.  Terra Mater's The Ivory Game won the Grand Teton Award ! See the full list of winners below.

Animal Behaviour

Sponsored by World Wildlife Fund

Rise of the Warrior Apes
KEO Films for Discovery Networks International


Antarctica in the Footsteps of the Emperor Paprika Films and Wildtouch

Jean Hartley R.I.P - a tribute by Mark Deeble

28 September 2017

We have just heard the sad news that Jean died early this morning. 

She meant so much to so many.

For filmmakers who worked in East Africa, her ‘fixing’ company, Viewfinders, was both an efficient, professional outfit, and a safe haven. It didn’t matter whether you were David Attenborough or an intern, trying to get into the business, she treated everyone the same.

Triple–Award Win: ‘The Ivory Game’ triumphs at the prestigious GreenScreen Nature Film Festival

22 September 2017

Eckernförde/Vienna: On Saturday Night, Viennese production company Terra Mater Factual Studios was honoured within a festive gala for two productions in the categories ‘Best Film of the Festival’, ‘Best Postproduction’, ‘Praising Mention for Advancement in Camera Technology’ and the special prize ‘Green Report’ at the international Nature Film Festival GreenScreen.

‘The Ivory Game’, a thrilling feature documentary about the worldwide, illegal ivory trade, was able to convince the jury not only on aesthetic and dramaturgical terms, but also with its political and societal message. The Docuthriller, which was already shortlisted at the 2017 Oscars, was nominated as ‘Best Film of the Festival’.

Plimsoll Productions news

19 September 2017

NHN Corporate Member Plimsoll Productions has appointed former BBC commissioner Rachel Morgan as head of specialist factual and documentaries. In her new role, Morgan will focus on programming for both the UK and international markets.She stepped down from her role as BBC specialist factual commissioner in February.  

Other news from Plimsoll Producitons is that they are to open new offices in Cardiff, headed up by Earth Live SP James Smith

Her credits include such BBC co-productions as The Greatest Tomb on Earth (Nat Geo), Brian Cox’s Forces of Nature (PBS) and Professor Stephen Hawking’s Expedition New Earth with (Smithsonian).

Offspring films - new commission

19 September 2017

Sky has ordered a second run of Wild Files, its natural history documentary series for kids.

The broadcaster has commissioned nine episodes of Monkeys and Apes: Wild Files from Offspring Films, after the Bristol-based producer made Big Cats earlier this year.

The Wild Files shows are distributed via Sky’s on-demand service and its Sky Kids app.

BBC Worldwide announces closure of BBC Earth Productions Bristol.

12 September 2017

Mark Reynolds, Director of Factual at BBC Worldwide, has made a statement that sums up the current situation at the Bristol based BBC Earth Productions for our readers at NHN.   We've all been aware of changes afoot at the BBC in Bristol with the launch of Studios last year, but we were keen to get some clarity. Read on to find out more details.

"What’s important to clarify above anything else is that the BBC Earth global brand (like its stablemates Doctor Who, Top Gear and Dancing With The Stars) and BBC Earth Productions are not one and the same. This is about the BBC Earth Productions function and team." 




“Now that BBC Studios is operating in a commercial capacity BBC Worldwide has reviewed its production operations supporting the BBC Earth brand and pipeline.

Planet Earth II win at the Emmys !

10 September 2017

Planet Earth II have scooped two Emmys at the star studded event in the USA!  Executive Producer Mike Gunton, SP Tom Hugh Jones and Producers Liz White and Fredi Devas were up on stage to receive the award for Outstanding Documentary – beating PBS ‘s American Masters, and Netflix’s Chef’s Table and The Keeper to the top prize.

The BBC NHU Studios Team were also delighted to add a second Emmy to the collection – awarded to the Planet Earth II 'Islands' team for Outstanding Cinematography for a Non Fiction Programme.  A special mention to our very own NHN members who were amongst the cinematographers claiming this award - Mateo Willis, Richard Wollocombe, Warwick Sloss, Paul Stewart. Their film pipped Planet Earth II 'Cities'  to the big prize, also beating CNN’s Anthony Bordain’s parts unknown, Chefs Table by Boardwalk Productions, O.J. Made in America, and 13th, a series by Netflix.





NHN Member's Discount : Specialist Underwater Course at Pinewood

05 September 2017

If you are into underwater filming - don't miss this !  

 Esprit Film and Television are running another brilliant course with Red Digital Cinema and Gates Underwater Products.

Member's get 20% discount off the professional price. Members who have individual profiles on NHN qualify for this discount.



The Gates Set up, Test, and Operation (STO) course will be held on the 27th and 28th September at Pinewood Studios, with guest presenters underwater cameramen Michael Pitts & Doug Allan, and underwater cinematographer Michael Valentine

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