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21 October 2017

Crewing up?

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Walter Kohler and Sabine Holzer of Terra Mater Factual Studios @ NHN October Networking Bristol

19 October 2017

We were thrilled to have such illustrious speakers at our October Networking Morning yesterday.  

Founded in, 2011, Vienna based Terra Mater Factual Studios has had a meteoric rise !  



It is a production company subsidiary of Red Bull and specialises in superlative factual and cinematic productions. And these days, they also seem to specialise in winning awards !

Terra Mater Factual Studios Team at NHN October Networking Morning

17 October 2017

We are looking forward to welcoming the multi award winning team from Vienna based Terra Mater Factual Studios to the NHN Networking Morning in Bristol on Thursday.

CEO Walter Kohler and Head of TV Sabine Holzer will be presenting to our members from 9.15am.

This event is for NHN members only is now fully booked



Founded January 1st, 2011, Terra Mater Factual Studios is the new home of the internationally acclaimed former production team of UNIVERSUM, ORF’s Natural History Unit, and is based in Vienna.

Alaska : A Year in the Wild by Tigress Productions

09 October 2017

Tomorrow is the final episode of this beautiful series by Tigress Productions!

A small but dedicated team of wildlife filmmakers from Tigress Productions led by Duncan Chard  record the intimate lives of the animals that live in America's last fronteir.  Remote technology helps take us deep into their nests. Drones, cranes and time-lapses show the changing seasons and reveal what it takes to exist in this magnificent landscape.


Tuesday 9pm - 10pm Channel 5

Catch it if you can ! 

Alaska is America’s last frontier…and greatest wilderness.  Home to half the world’s glaciers, America’s highest mountains and ice sheets that stretch to the North Pole; it is rich, diverse but also hostile.  Four films document the four seasons through the lives of Grizzly Bears, Bald Eagles, Beaver and Arctic Foxes.  Each must be resilient and

Coming to a cinema near you ! 'Earth; One Amazing Day' Oct 20th UK Premiere

04 October 2017

“As a storyteller and filmmaker I often look to nature for sources of inspiration. In EARTH: ONE AMAZING DAY, BBC Earth Films captured the natural world and its inhabitants using the perfect combination of storytelling and cutting-edge technology. The scenes and images are as inspirational as they are beautiful, and I was honoured to be a part of the film.”  

Robert Redford 

It's rare for our films to hit the UK cinemas, and so we're thrilled to hear that EARTH: ONE AMAZING DAY will be premiered in the UK later this month - and it's even hitting the Bristol cinema strip !

  BBC Earth Films brings the visually stunning, feel good family film, EARTH: ONE AMAZING DAY, the long awaited sequel to box-office smash Earth, to audiences across the UK and Ireland on Friday 20 October, offering cinemagoers a unique experience to watch the film on the big screen.

Walter Kohler of TMFS leads a one minute silence for fallen Ivory Game hero.

02 October 2017

Walter Kohler on collecting The Grand Teton Award for 'The Ivory Game' led the audience at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival Gala Awards ceremony in a minute’s silence to remember Wayne Lotter, a leading Elephant Conservationist and a consultant on his team who was murdered in Africa in August whilst fighting the Ivory Trade.  

It was a sobering reminder of the risks being taken by individuals on the frontline of conservation, and a call to arms for the media and filmmakers to support their efforts and help the fight. This years JHWFF's Conservation Summit on Cats this year helped focused our attention.


02 October 2017

Ben Morris French : Gala Dinner

With the delegates packed into Jackson’s Center for the Arts, welcome cocktails quaffed, and an electric atmosphere, the Gala was due to begin, drawing Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival 2017 to its end.

Congratulations to all the winnes and nominees who took part in this wonderful conservation inspired festival ! 

NHN Members were well represented amongst the award winners, with Terra Mater‘s The Ivory Game winning The Grand Teton Prize!

The Ivory Game also won Best Theatrical an Best Writing Awards and TMFS also snapped up te Jury Award for the brilliant Joubert film about the Masai Olymbpics; ‘Tribe versus Pride’

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