Science Media Award Winners 2018!

30 September 2018

This ​year’s competition saw more than 500 entries competing for 21 special awards. Over 100 international judges screened an aggregated 1,250 hours of media in order to select the finalists.​ The winners were selected by an esteemed panel of international judges.

The awards celebration concludes the three-day industry conference called the Science Media Awards and Summit in the Hub, or SMASH, in Boston. This unique forum allows more than 300 science media stakeholders to gather and celebrate exceptional media, cutting-edge discoveries and explore new ways of communicating the wonders of science to a global audience in a rapidly-changing media landscape.


Laws of the Lizard

Day's Edge Productions for Smithsonian Channel


Earth & Sky (sponsored by North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences)

One Strange Rock: Gasp

A fond farewell to Johnny Kingdom

26 September 2018

Hundreds of people gathered to pay tribute to West Country "legend" Johnny Kingdom at the weekend.

The funeral for the Exmoor wildlife TV presenter was held in his hometown pf Bishops Nympton, in North Devon, on Sunday (September 23).

Mr Kingdom was killed in a tragic accident after a digger reportedly fell on him in a field in Knowstone.

The filmmaker, photographer and author - who specialised in his local area of Exmoor and north Devon - was 79.

Hordes of well-wishers posted tributes to the much-loved man of Exmoor on his Facebook page.

NHN Bristol Autumn Events

24 September 2018


This Autumn we have an exciting calendar of events for our Members!  

We kick off with Mike Gunton who will give us his insight on the making of the latest BBC NHU landmark series - "Dynasty", due to launch next month.

In October, after the fantastic week of Wildscreen, we have Terra Mater's top team from Vienna gracing our stage.

And to close the season, in November Tom McDonald, Head of BBC Commissioning Specialist Factual will join us.

All details and dates can be found on the Events page

These events are for NHN members only. 

Apple acquires The Elephant Queen

19 September 2018

Source : Deadline

Apple has taken the worldwide rights to Victoria Stone and Mark Deeble’s documentary The Elephant Queen about Athena, a giant matriarch tusker who when faced with a drought must decide whether to lead her pachyderm family away from the water hole they call home or into the badlands in search of food and water. The risk? The smallest elephants may not be strong enough to complete the trip.


Deeble and Stone immersed themselves with the elephants during the course of four years, living up close and personal with Athena and her herd for over four years, highlighting the striking similarities between elephants and people. The film is narrated by Oscar-nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years A Slave, Doctor Strange, the upcoming Lion King),

Book your Bristol Communicate 2018 Tickets Now

19 September 2018

As communicators in a complex, unpredictable world, there is an urgent need for pragmatic, proactive tools to seize on this time of unprecedented social and political change.



Communicate is an annual environmental communication conference bringing together a diverse group of delegates each year to develop their skills, share best practice and debate latest issues in science communication, nature conservation and engaging people with the natural world.

Discovery seeks new "Planet Earth" moment

04 September 2018

Discovery Channel wants to find natural history projects that deliver a “Planet Earth” moment for the US broadcaster and contributes to a ratings “turnaround”.


Chief brand officer for Discovery and factual Nancy Daniels made the call during a panel session at the Edinburgh International TV Festival, referring to the 2006 BBC and Discovery blue chip natural history series during the period when the two organisations had a co-production deal.

Science Media Awards USA - Judges announced

03 September 2018

With just over a month remaining before the Jackson Hole Science Media Awards, Jackson Hole WILD is proud to announce the final jury for this year’s competition. The awards celebration, slated for Sept. 27, is the culminating event of the Science Media Awards and Summit in the Hub (SMASH).


This year’s competition saw more than 500 entries competing for 21 special awards. Over 100 international judges screened an aggregated 1,250 hours of media in order to select the finalists. For the full list of finalists, visit our website at

NHNZ; brewing beer to save sun bears!

03 September 2018

Dunedin-based New New New Corporation (Fermented Beverage Division) and NHNZ’s Wild Studios are collaborating on a bold new online video and fundraising initiative; brewing beer to help threatened sun bears. This innovative project will help to support the Sun Bear Outreach charity in Borneo.

NHNZ’s short-form division, Wild Studios, is creating a web series to showcase how New New New (NNN) is crafting an American brown ale in the sun bears’ name. A portion of the proceedsfrom every beer sold will be donated toward Sun Bear Outreach.

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