Sea of Shadows and Seasons in the Wild

27 February 2019

Following the sold-out world premiere of ‘Sea of Shadows’ at Sundance Film Festival 2019, we’re more than happy to announce that the feature documentary was honoured with the Audience Award in the World Cinema Documentary Competition before getting acquired by National Geographic Documentary Films.

Over the course of February alone, we’ve furthermore garnered 28 nominations from nine different festivals, from Austria to the US to Hong Kong. We’re excited what the remainder of the year will bring!

Nature Picture launches new site, including Minden Pictures Collection

27 February 2019


Nature Picture Library has recently launched a brand new version of its website, with great new features, separate video search, bigger images and an extensive blog section.

They also now represent the world-renowned Minden Pictures collection in the UK, providing access to more than 120,000 images from their portfolio of leading wildlife and nature photographers worldwide, including Jim Brandenburg, Tim Fitzharris, Flip Nicklin, Thomas Marent, Chien Lee, Norbert Wu, Michael & Patricia Fogden and Sebastian Kenne

Iranian Conservationists working with Camera Traps on Persian Leopard accused of spying

26 February 2019

Conservationists face death penalty in case that has split Iran’s rulers


When most Westerners think of Iran they think of international politics, religious revolution, and Islamic culture. They don’t think of leopards. But Iran’s mountainous north is home to the greatest concentration of Persian leopards left on earth. Larger than their African cousins, Persian leopards once roamed far into the Caucasus Mountains in central Asia, including parts of Armenia, Azerbeijan and Georgia. Now, only scattered populations of these big cats remain in those countries, often in isolated patches far removed from others of their kind.   

Iran remains their best chance for survival. There, scientists estimate that 550 to 850 leopards roam throughout the mountain ranges ringing much of the country, and along the forests hugging the Caspian Sea. But even in its namesake country, Persian leopards are threatened. Expanding villages, encroaching livestock and busy highways destroy habitat and create hazards for such a wide-ranging predator. In recent years, a new indirect threat has emerged as well: economic sanctions.

But now, these endagered animals face their greatest threat yet - because the scientists studying them have have been arrested.


February 26 2019, 12:01am,

Richard Spencer, Middle East Correspondent, The Times

Campaigners have called for the trial of eight Iranian environmentalists accused of spying to be held in public after some charges were upgraded to those that carry the death penalty.

Royal Geographical Society Charitable Talk for Just a Drop

25 February 2019

For the Love of Nature, this year's Just a Drop talk at the Royal Geographical Society London, will take place on 25 April and sees the welcome return of Just a Drop Ambassadors Huw Cordey and Patrick Morris, following the success of their 2016 Just a Drop talk, Life Behind the Lens. 

A discount Code is available for NHN Members  Subject : Just a Drop

Join Huw Cordey and Patrick Morris - the award-winning filmmakers behind the ground-breaking BBC series Life, Planet Earth and The Hunt - for an evening of the stories that have inspired them across thirty years of wildlife filmmaking.

NEWS FROM SHOWCASE Game Changing Drones - their impact on wildlife filming

25 February 2019

On how latest tech helped The BBC NHU score some long sought-after shots. “It’s given us a brand new perspective,” said exec producer of One Planet, Seven Worlds', Jonny Keeling. “They fly further for longer than ever before and now the quality of the images is incredible. We still want to be situated right where the action is taking place, but drones have helped us to reach those places.”

One Planet Seven Worlds

The 7 x 60-minute series, the BBC NHU's next big landmark, will profile one continent per episode and is set to air in October, with BBC America, Tencent Penguin Pictures, ZDF and France Télévisions co-producing. It was a focus of discussion at BBC's Showcase in Liverpool last week.

BBC launch new eco friendly fashion brand

20 February 2019

The BBC is promoting a sustainable lifestyle through the launch of a new eco-friendly fashion brand.

The new brand, which will launch at London Fashion Week in partnership with Mother of Pearl, will target Blue Planet and Planet Earth viewers who have been inspired into making more sustainable choices with the future of the planet in mind.  

Enviro-Rental - a brand new initiative by Visual Impact

15 February 2019

Vivienne McKay-Hope, PM at Visual Impact,  has been working hard. She's researching environmentally friendly packaging for the Visual Impact hire group- it's not an easy job. There's a lot of fakery out there, but she's already sourced biodegradable plastics for radio mics and other smaller items ( that will biodegrade in food waste),and eco friendly gaffer tape.  

Her work is all part of a brand new environmental initiative set up by the Bristol arm of the global rental house. It's been branded VI Evirorental


VI Rental welcomes our customers to be a part of our VI Environmental Fund, set up to help with local and global projects directly relating to both our environmental concerns and those of our customers. 


Visual Impact rental partners with Plastic Oceans UK in new environmental strategy

15 February 2019


We were delighted to provide a platform to launch VI Rentals new partnership with ex BBC Producer Jo Ruxton Plastic Oceans UK,charity and help promote their new enviromental fund - VI EnviroRental  at February's NHN Networking Morning.  

Theirs' is a very practical solution for us all do our little bit for the plastics crisis we face.

In a week when our children are being urged to leave their desks to strike against Climate Change in Bristol, there couldn’t be a better time for us to have one of the most understated and inspirational members of our community join us at our Networking Morning.

BBC fights to stop David Attenborough being poached

14 February 2019

Jim Waterson - The Guardian
8 February 2019

Three major nature shows revealed as broadcaster aims to stem staff exodus to Netflix

The BBC has commissioned three major series on the natural world, as it fights to stop staff who make its popular natural history shows – including David Attenborough – being poached by deep-pocketed rival Netflix.

Looking for ideas

13 February 2019

Natural history channel Love Nature is to move away from high-volume, macro commissions in favour of ‘character-led’ programmes and co-productions.

The Canada-based TV channel and SVoD operator, available in the UK via Virgin Media, has issued a brief to producers for ideas that put greater emphasis on connecting with viewers on an emotional level.


Executive vice-president of programming and development Carlyn Staudt highlighted NHNZ’s Orangutan Jungle School, which secured a recommission in November, as the kind of show that demonstrates the characters and relatability of animals.


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