NHN Networking Events

NHN holds regular networking mornings for our members in Bristol. These events take place, where possible, on the third Thursday of each month and attract between 50 and 70 professionals in our industry.

NHN Networking Events are a great place to catch up, find out about new projects and hear speakers from the wildlife film community. These events are for Natural History Network Members only. 

Other Events

Talks, Screenings, Pitching and Promotional Events and Parties 

The Natural History Network team also host and arrange events throughout the year that we feel will be of interest to our members. If you are interested in us organising an event for your company, please get in touch with us on info@naturalhistorynetwork.co.uk

Forthcoming Events:

Thursday 27 February 2020 - Spotlight On: Night on Earth with Plimsoll Productions

8.30 - 10am, Everyman Cinema, Bristol

Thursday 23 April 2020 - Terra Mater Factual Studios

8.30 - 10am, Everyman Cinema, Bristol

Thursday 18 June 2020 - Vanessa Berlowitz, Wildstar Films

8.30 - 10am, Everman Cinema, Bristol