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Established in 1979 and based in London and Bristol, VMI specialises in supplying quality digital camcorder packages hire for Documentary, Natural History, Commercials, Drama, Promos and Corporate TV productions.  We support every HD and 4K camera format for hire from DSLR to ARRI Alexa with everything in between and also supply documentary cameras of all formats as well.  VMI's product range also includes lighting, grip & sound to support location productions.
What stands us apart from other suppliers is our meticulous attention to detail, high level of presentation, generously accessorised packages and fanatical level of customer service. 

In our 2015 client survey, 142 completed surveys voted our customer service at 4.7, a figure we are extremely proud of.  For full results, visit www.vmi.tv/about/client-satisfaction-survey.

Executive Team

Barry Bassett

Barry Bassett. VMI Managing Director with 25 years of Broadcast experience and an MBA from Imperial College. Barry runs VMI, managing key clients, projects and business planning. Barry delivers most of the VMI events and presentations, writes widely and has spoken at Cannes. the Edinburgh Festival, Broadcast Live Show, HD Show and Production Show in London, the EMIT show in Frankfurt and many others besides.


Kevin Oaten

Kevin Oaten. VMI Operations Director with 30 years of Film and Broadcast experience. Kevin has held senior positions at ARRI GB and VFG before joining VMI in 2005. A qualified ARRI and Zeiss engineer, he has an excellent knowledge about lenses and cameras! Kevin oversees investments in products and pushing the boundaries in development of kit at VMI.


Michael White

Michael is VMI's Operations Manager and brings 30 years Industry experience, 26 years of which were running the Camera Department of rental company, Aimimage.  Michael likes to work alongside the Techs and Camera Crews to ensure that they have the kit that they require, the WAY that they like it!  He brings a wealth of experience with him and VMI is a better place for it.  He likes to run a very tight ship.


Gary Davis

Gary is VMI’s Bristol Branch Manager.  Previously he spent 3 years in Dubai as 2nd AC and also working in a Rental company before joining VMI in Golders Green as a camera technician and then moving to the Rental Desk, eventually transferring to the Bristol Branch early in 2015.

Recent Productions


Monkeys: An Amazing Animal Family

Equipment Supplied: Canon ME20F-SH super slow-light camera

Production Company: Produced by Offspring Films for Sky 1

Three hour series on Monkeys on how key members of this primate family evolved bizarre body-types, intelligent behaviours and tight-knit social groups to thrive in some of the planet’s wildest landscapes. VMI supplied the Canon ME20F-SH super slow-light camera to shoot images not previously seen before of a tiny nocturnal hunting creature called the Tarsia.


The Great Migration

Equipment Supplied: Shot on Sony PMW-F55 4K cameras with Canon 50-1000PL zoom lens

Production Company: Produced by Renegade Pictures for Five and BBC Worldwide

Four part 1 hour documentary series on the Migration of Wildebeest across the African Plains presented by Ben Fogle, mainly shot in Tanzania and Kenya



Equipment Supplied: Canon C300 Camcorder with EF lenses

Production Company: Shot at lifeboat stations across the UK by Blast! Films for BBC1

Over 150 years the volunteers of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution have saved the lives of more than 140,000 people. Follow the life or death emergencies in never-before-seen detail as lifeboat crews around the country scramble to the rescue.




VMI's February 2018 Kit Highlights

VMI has taken delivery of the new Sigma film primes in both EF and also PL mounts.  These are T1.5 and we carry focal lengths of 14-135mm in both formats. VMI has also taken delivery of the women’s version of the Easyrig, as women are so clearly anatomically different to men, that they should have their own Easyrig jacket. We also now stock the GoPro Fusion 360 degree VR camera for hire. We have a new useful guide on our website which we have just published called A Filmmaker's Guide to Sensor Sizes and Lens Formats - http://vmi.tv/training/useful-stuff/Guide-to-Sensor-Sizes-and-Lens-Formats

VMI's November Kit Highlights

VMI is now stocking the new Canon 4K C700 camcorder and also the new Panasonic EVA1 compact 4K camcorder as well and can provide fully equipped packages for hire based around both cameras.  Complete prices for all lens and shooting packages based on these cameras are available on the web – see www.vmi.tv for details.
Also, VMI’s media rental arm, VMEDIA are now offering complementary next-day national delivery for all memory card hires based on a minimum rental price of £100.  VMEDIA stock a large selection of RED Minimag SSDs including the 1TB Minimags and have now taken delivery of the new super-fast 4K SDXC cards for the EVA1 for hire.  See vmedia.digital for details.

October News

VMI is the first UK rental company to take delivery of the Canon C700 4K shoulder-mounted camcorder for hire.  This camera is being offered in London or Bristol to take either PL or EF mounted lenses and will be offered with the Codex recorder as a chargeable option soon, to be able to record full 4K UHD RAW images with 15 stocks of dynamic range. VMI also now stocks the full range of Sigma Cine Primes and Cine Zooms for hire, which work in S-35 and/or Full-Frame format.  The first set is available for hire in EF mount and further sets with PL mounts will follow in early 2018.  This article introduces the new range of Sigma Cine Lenses, which has been written by VMI http://vmi.tv/training/useful-stuff/Full_Range_of_Sigma_Primes_and_Zooms...

The range of LED lighting fixtures stocked by VMI has been increased with the introduction of the latest Astra 6X light panels which offer 6x the brightness of the conventional 1x1 Litepanel and also the Kino Celeb 250, which as well as being brighter than its predecessor, now can simulates over 100 well known lighting gels as well, similar to the ARRI Skypanel range.

VMI Superheroes
29 June 2017

Not many people know that 18 people per day are killed or maimed by landmines and that 80% of them are adults.  What makes it worse is that mostly, they are children … VMI team members are riding 2 x adventurous bike rides this summer (London to Bristol and London to Amsterdam) to raise £10,000 to help clear the world of landmines.  Learn more and sponsor the VMI Superheroes at http://vmi.tv/news/article/235





The Fox Trap

Director: Jamie Weston

Cinematographer: Beatriz Delgado Mena

Equipment Supplied: Sony PMW-F5 4K Camera and Zeiss Compactprime lenses

Production Company: Proportion Productions

Independently funded feature film about the consequences of what happens at a class reunion 5 years after a terrible accident leaves a young girl disabled. Little do they know, they are being targeted by a masked maniac hell bent on revenge.


C Word

Cinematographer: Stephan Pehrsson

Equipment Supplied: Double Alexa kit & Cooke S4 lenses.

Production Company: BBC Drama

The C Word is an adaptation of Lisa Lynch's candid book about her experience of cancer, based on her popular blog which was launched shortly after her diagnosis. This film is a defiant, ballsy and surprisingly funny story of life, love and cancer. One minute her life was normal, the next, in an instant, that normality was gone.


Worlds End

Cinematographer: Andy Hibbert

Equipment Supplied: ARRI Alexa/ARRI Amira with Angenieux Optimo and Arri Alura zoom lenses

Production Company: CBBC/Disney

World’s End, to be shown on CBBC in the spring, will be set against the backdrop of Bamburgh Castle and its nearby beaches. The series follows a group of teenagers who are brought to live in a castle where their parents apparently work for the military. But as the series progresses, the teens begin to question what their parents are really doing there and attempt to unravel the mystery of their strange new home.




Green Party Election Broadcast

Equipment Supplied: Shot on 2 x Sony FS-7 cameras with EF Lenses

Production Company: Ad agency, Creature of London; Production Company, Smuggler London.

Party Election Broadcast for the Green Party with David Cameron, Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson parodied as squabbling children in a viral TV campaign that achieved 5 million hits on YouTube. for Ad agency, Creature of London; Production Company, Smuggler London.


Feature for Porsche Cars

Cinematographer: Si Smith

Equipment Supplied: RED EPIC Dragon with Fuji Cabrio zoom

Production Company: Razor Edge Production on behalf of PorscheGB in conjunction with sponsor, Purivann

Feature for Porsche Cars shot at Brands Hatch stone race track.


Exxon/Mobil Commercial

Director: Jason Marlow

Cinematographer: James Medcraft

Equipment Supplied: 3 x Sony FS-7 with ARRI Aluras

Production Company: U La La

3 x Sony FS-7 commercial shoot with ARRI Alura lenses.


Stork Easter Online Commercial

Director: Markus Meedt

Cinematographer: Daniel Fazio

Equipment Supplied: Arri Amira/ Zeiss CP2 Package

Production Company: Recipe Advertising

ARRI Amira kit to shoot Stork Easter Online commercial campaign.



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